Three V3 8 Team Bracket Friday 15 21 UTC Saturday 16 March 19 UTC

Preview Post. Goes live in 5 hours. Might change the dates back a weekend yet.

BV 1, 2, 3 if we do it. Daishi 3, Fafnir 2, Atlas 1 as a general example.

I think this is a good video example of what we are targeting for the ThreeV3. Entertaining, shows both sides of the battle, some analysis, and a steady cam. I will be looking for some streamers and one or two announcing teams to cover the action.

Can we get this to Leeko and Bird Thing so we can advertise it and see if CJF is participating? I am trying to get an SJ team together.

in case you missed it
Bird_Thing :tm: has them too

Thank you firehound.

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we must try do our best to have the fun we deserve :+1:

More info to be released as we get closer to the tournament.
Looking for volunteers to host ThreeV3 servers. We do have enough servers now. But more servers means better choices for our teams. Looking for an EU server if possible to augment the USA servers.

Here is an example server.cfg and levelrotation.xml. Basically if a server has the required maps, turrets off, and either cbills button or TOS money it can host matches.

The MWLL launcher has a nice to use gui for setting up servers.

Gdrive Folder

Plain Texz

net_pb_sv_enable false
sv_servername="ThreeV3 Server 1 Host= "
#Change Server 1 to designated number, input server sponsor after =
#Example "ThreeV3 Server 4 Host=~SJ~
http_startserver port:9000
http_password “3v3PassHere”


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

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LAPC Limit 3 ba one

Friday Test Format
Map 1 TSA Helsgate Clan Tech Only 105
Map 2 TSA Glory IS Tech Only 210
Map 3 TSA Jungle 255 Clan Tech
Map 4 TSA VIsta 255 IS Tech Only
Map 5 TSA ForestvalleyV2 160

Round 2 Format

Round 3 Format (8 teams? Final and third place game)

Saturday (rough Draft)

Round 1
Map 1 TSA Helsgate 105
Map 2 TSA Glory IS Tech Only 210
Map 3 TSA Jungle 255
Map 4 TSA VIsta 255
Map 5 TSA ForestvalleyV2 160

Round 2
Map 1 TSA Forestvalley 160 Clan Tech Only
Map 2 TSA Jungle 210
Map 3 TSA Vista 255
Map 4 TSA Glory 210
Map 5 TSA Helsgate 255

Round 3

Map 1 TSA Vista 105
Map 2 TSA Glory 210 Clan Tech Only
Map 3 TSA Helsgate 160
Map 4 TSA Forestvalley 105 IS Tech Only
Map 1 TSA Jungle 255

Hey duelist, in the discord announcement for the 3v3 bracket its stated that the Falcon Guards took third place when it was Stand Arrow that won

!Fixing! Will update when done!

Corrected. The name cloning fooled this announcer!

July is the target time frame for the next 3v3. But I think to bump it to August to line it up the week before the 5th anniversary Chaos event. But late July/August are vacation time for a lot of players with our annual low in player population. Thoughts?

Maybe plan one for the end of June and then August? They are super popular and having them more often is 100% not a bad thing at all.

we would need a more generic banner then?

Two of the might be doable if one is a shorter, simpler format. The Drop Commander is the entire team and the players are drafted mercs runs faster. But the main event still will take a lot of work to do right.

A new banner is not a bad idea but I am not sure the dates yet. If I just run one then its either July or August. If I run two then the main one is likely August with the other one early July.

It be great to do a 3v3 this time in july or late july

Ideally, doing one every 3 months would be perfect

more generic means no dates and less art - just the name and format

the poster has to fill the date in text just besides or below :wink:

Specificially Fire-hound I mean we can work on graphics once I set a date.

I know the conversion maps are going away for this round. I want to include TSA IceArena. I might hang on to TSA Jungle. But any ideas for other maps? They need to be small enough to find enemy but big enough to allow some maneuvers.