Three V3 8 Team Bracket Friday 15 21 UTC Saturday 16 March 19 UTC

ThreeV3 2018 Tournament






Thursday November 15 November 23:00 UTC

Saturday November 17 19:00 UTC

Game Servers: Chaos Server Network

Voice teamspeak (alternate address

Come have fun with your friends and units in a fast paced solaris team event. A single elimination bracket with 4, 6, or 8 teams. Come by Thursday for matches for teams that cannot play Saturday. There will also be a push to populate the public servers as well. Pilots that cannot make our normal weekend events can take battle. The main event is on Saturday. Teams are to report in a bit early to help get organized. Pilots can sign up early if desired to help planning. Sign up as a full 3 player team or as a team captain. You can also just show up and ask to be assembled into a team with spots open.

Defeat your randomly seated enemy team in a best 3 of 5 match on TSA Glory, Helsgate, Vista, Jungle, and ForestValley. The bracket will feature an active livestream with commentary and a third place match. Voice comms are required for organization on teamspeak. Teams are free to use their own comms server once instructions for the match have been assigned.

Each campaign will feature Clan vs Clan tech and IS vs IS tech only. This will be in addition to a simple tonnage limit for all matches. BV will not be in effect. Drop calcs will be available but not required. Matches will take place simultaneously to speed things along. Each server will have an event representative to ensure timely proceedings and that rules are followed. Standard accepted “Chaos” league rules will govern in game matches. All ground assets will be available once per team battle. So sure use that long tom, but you only get it once each round.

Matches will last 15 minutes with a target of 5 minutes or less down time for preparation. A team that is eliminated may challenge another team to a friendly match or spectate. A full 8 teams on 2-4 servers should wrap up in around 3 hours or so. Please reply here or contact duelist or invictus if you have a team to signup in advance or to sign up as a mercenary team leader. Registaration on the day of the event is also fine but please arrive early if possible. The event is being kept small in scope to focus on speed and quality. A future larger event is possible.

Teamwork over rated? Want all the glory for yourself? Stay tuned for Turkey Day Adjacent Solo Solaris Spectacular 2018… details soon…

Captains for mecenary teams.
Full teams for declared units.
Best 3 of 5.
Puretech on some maps.
Thursday slot for teams that cannot make Saturday.
Simultaneous matches to save time if possible.
Limited drop calc and restrictions.
Third place match and championship match.
Purposely small tournament to concentrate on speed and quality.
Teamspeak or discord voice comms required to speak to event organizers.
Seeding either random or who can make what time.
Good opportunity to battle other units without major commitment.
Multiple persons in charge to spread workload and minimize mistakes.
More details coming soon.

Maps Standard SA Conversions
Jungle Vista Helsgate Glory +1 “special”

Live Streamed with commentary
Standard “Chaos” rules for gameplay minus possibly battle value
Signup Encouraged Ahead of TIme.
Ability to shrink event to four or six teams if needed.

Advance signup sheet not required but available.

Announcement has been put on discord.

The PR team are willing to rehost your stream on the LL official twitch or stream different matches maybe.

Also seems like there might be lots more teams than expected. Possibly make it a best of 3 until the Semi finals with best of 5 taking over after that?

I like the idea of multiple streams. Saturday might see 4 matches at once so lots of action to cover. Teams got discouraged with 2 of 3 format in the previous tournaments. But yes it might be necessary if we go much past 8 teams. An announcers team to cover the matches would be fun if we can get some dedicated volunteers.

Also no SJ team signed up yet?

We’ll be there. Waiting to sign up in final spot to not take place of other interested teams.

Random thoughts/checklist for later.
Current projections are 8 to 12 teams. Some battles on Thursday are possible. 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes time limit if over 8 teams on Saturday until semi finals. Gonna use four lieutenants to each run/supervise the four servers. I’ll bounce around where needed and stream/announcing when able. Other streams can concentrate on certain match or also move around.

Bracket will be on Challonge? Or could be hosted ourselves but drawing it… Seedings random except 1) same clan or unit not to battle in quarters 2) teams ready to play Thursday may get moved around. Battle armor/apc limited to one per round but toying with ba limit. Might lower from 3 to 2. Generic drop calc will be made available for those that want it. 9-12 team event requires play in or random bye week/match?

Lieutenants keep game moving ,change maps, track used assets each team so no repeats, enforce rules, and report results. Matches can end in ties broken with a map 6 or rule could be “sudden death” . Teams that sign up but don’t show just auto forfeit or lose their seed if they show but are very late. Mercenary teams look to be one so far - four advance signup pilots looking for teams. Maximum bracket size is around 12 - 16. Past that teams will have to play Thursday for “play in” game for final seed. Puretech “clan vs clan” “Is vs is” on 1-2 of the 5 maps per round.

Static tonnage, “tech tree”, map order for all teams each round for simplicity. Servers setup/ready this week. “full” test of event the weekend before by playing 4 or more 3v3 teams using Chaos players. Thursday either public game focus or 3 player team “practices” to fill in with any official bracket matches. Atreus dedicated server “flagship” server backed by 3 - 4 “home” servers with spread on west, east coast and heartland. Europe server possible as well. Release “official” server pack, allow volunteers to boot up server options. A public update with more details like order of maps, tonnages, drop calc (optional), bracket, thursday format, streamers in 2 stages one this weekend one next weekend to keep players excited and event fresh in mind.

Each server limited to needed volunteers and players to minimize any performance issues. Say referee, streamer/announcers team, players, and maybe one spectator/recorder for each team. Under 12 total connections ideal. Coordination of videos/streams using “hashtag” playlist or other means encouraged. Packaging into a highlight real or full coverage of entire event or a “tape” delay full broadcast might be intesresting. But simple announcing and video coverage is main goal for the “esports” feel of it.

Initial thoughs on rotation/tonnage/“puretech”

Ok Round 1 Format 105 160 210 255

Map 1 TSA Helsgate 105
Map 2 TSA ForestvalleyV2 160
Map 3 TSA Glory IS Tech Only 210
Map 4 TSA Jungle 255
Map 5 TSA VIsta 255

Round 2 Format

Map 1 TSA Jungle 255 Clan Tech Only
Map 2 TSA Glory 210
Map 3 TSA Helsgate 160
Map 4 TSA Vista 105
Map 5 TSA Forestvalley 105

Round 3 Format (8 teams? Final and third place game)

Map 1 TSA Forestvalley 160
Map 2 TSA Jungle 210
Map 3 TSA Vista 255
Map 4 TSA Glory 210 IS Tech Only
Map 5 TSA Helsgate 255

Server Files
Bat example
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Wars\Bin64
CrysisWarsDedicatedServer -root “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Wars\Mods\mwll\ServerName” -mod MWLL +exec “server.cfg"

Server.cfg / levelrotation.xml

If teams get a bye they can play another team with a bye for the better seed? Idea begin teams with a bye still need to battle in the “quarters”.

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I feel like the final and 3rd place round should have both an IS and Clan only game so there’s no preference to teams who like one tech base

OK, little confused here.
Will we know ahead of time if clan or IS ahead of time?
Meaning if I read this right, it’s always clan v clan or IS v IS right?
And for those maps not listing either, which can we use?

Or the order of maps we will use?

Is the number after the listed maps the tonnage perchance?

Teams will know the schedule for each round ahead of time. That post above likely is the schedule.

Most matches will be no tech restrictions. Only a few maps will restrict tech.
Order of maps is set in near final status above.
Yes the number is the ton limit for that map.

A week to go! Here is the tournament from 2 years ago. The bracket, (spoilers :P)

and a video playlist of part of the event:

Ok stuff to get done.

  • Server network up and tested
  • Master drop calc for teams that want it (already done in 2016, need modify 18 calc)
  • Identify the four server leaders
  • Create bracket
  • Identify thursday and how it works
  • practice run this saturday (but chaos still played)
  • streamers who when what server, master stream? announcing teams?
  • announcement later tonight and saturday keeping event fresh in players minds.
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The Bracket Version 1

How do we avoid first round byes with 12 teams? 0:o

Videos from Thursday.

Still “processing” full video

i know i’m late, but here one last minute poster:

I would gladly make more in advance for the next tournament.
we need chat out the details?
This one is (as the other “vertical” one, imagined to be used on one side of the screen

ouch sends this to you:

for tournament recordings

this one is improved - check both?

@fire-hound Thanks for all the help!

That is a wrap! 2018 ThreeV3 in the books.

No Downtime Edit

Post Game Show

Live stream part 1

Part 2 ?

Edited videos soon. Have a video I don’t have of event? Send it my way!


Star Adder is the champion!

You’re welcome :D,
tho i have an objection,
one victory of ours seems to have slipped thru ([RD] on Vista) ?
Other than that, I greatly enjoyed the tournament as [RD] Panda Bear.

Did we just have 4 servers simultaneous running tournament?

I think we just reached a milestone :smiley:

Ok enough talk. 15 Friday 16 Saturday March . “Round 2” Vote to make final but those are very likely the dates.

Any changes to the format like adding BV?