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Latest Game data extracts


Thanks fire-hound! I appreciate this.

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There is that python3 thingie to compare mechs to each other:
called Mechcharts
I released mid WIP overhaul current for 0.10.3 release.
In hopes you find it useful…


updated WIP overhaul - changed the equipment slots display


Thank you fire hound. Your projects save us a lot of time on updating the drop calc. I now have the list of variants I have to change in drop calc. Now I just have to do the work.


I’m glad it helped :smiley:

kind thanks!

We at the wiki team are preparing a thorough DPS estimation overhaul and have a wiki page rigged up already, do please give some feedback here as you get time to spare?

note it’s still in the making so come back later too (as you can)


latest updated Mechcharts:

  • faster init
  • no more on disk images (I might add a dump again later on - ~100MB in PNGs)
  • all in RAM (400MB) and better quality of images
  • more stuff to come yet (WIP total overhaul)
  • 5.3MB download