Latest Game data extracts


latest extracts from game asset data:
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online database:
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(kudos to Spooky)


Heh, guess that one didn’t last too long


the don’t ask edition

HVAC2 and AC5/2 where messed up…


New update incoming soonish I hear. So some time is needed to update the drop calc. Frankly, I should lead the council in crowdsouring a full look over of all assets in drop calc. There is some definite bit rot. Also we should investigate changing the lookup tables format in the calc so we can just copy and paste firehounds’ extracts rather than the manual adjustments now. We’ll be playing next Sunday on current drop calc. If we get lucky we can use “new” version Saturday.


i planned to make the extract automatized on top of the actual *.pak file one day as well.
One day we go automagic :thinking:


0.10.3 game extracts!!!
get them while they’re hot!
the delay was due to optimization of the extraction process
The result is in much smaller archive and the pak file and GameData not more included…
Do we need to know which asset does spawn BA?




Great! Invic and I will get right on this. Thanks


note tho the latest one has like 3 errors:
Cauldron Bourn (E.J.) has 55tonns by mistake (should 65)
LongTom has zero tonns
Mithras has zero tonns
I will investigate this later

stay alert :smiley: and kind thanks :+1: