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Latest Game data extracts

There is that python3 thingie to compare mechs to each other:
called Mechcharts
I released mid WIP overhaul current for 0.10.3 release.
In hopes you find it useful…

updated WIP overhaul - changed the equipment slots display

Thank you fire hound. Your projects save us a lot of time on updating the drop calc. I now have the list of variants I have to change in drop calc. Now I just have to do the work.

I’m glad it helped :smiley:

kind thanks!

We at the wiki team are preparing a thorough DPS estimation overhaul and have a wiki page rigged up already, do please give some feedback here as you get time to spare?

note it’s still in the making so come back later too (as you can)

latest updated Mechcharts:

  • faster init
  • no more on disk images (I might add a dump again later on - ~100MB in PNGs)
  • all in RAM (400MB) and better quality of images
  • more stuff to come yet (WIP total overhaul)
  • 5.3MB download


there is all but highlights:


it is online as of now :champagne:

Looks good fire-hound. We just finished the 10.3 updates to the drop calc. Those tickets and tiers might be super extra helpful soon for something we’re looking into event wise. Keep up the good work.

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I’ve made a data sheet (still WIP) and ser F-H mentioned that some data miners here might get something out of it. :smiley: Tis based heavily on the extract data, but I’ve made some additions to get better sortability. Also added some alpha stike and DPS calculations. There’s very likely some errors, but I’ll try to fix them when they appear. Feedback is welcome but not necessary. :wink:

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I might only add that i’m quite in agreement with how Sabrist reworked checked and corrected damage calculations - moreover it’s the first next thing i plan to do over mentioned extracts:
overhaul of the damage calculus as per our wiki:

we’re in lock step, :nerd_face:
get them while they’re hot!

current to 0.11.1

NARC and TAG moved to weapons!

I know it has been a while. But the changes @Sabrist made with the sheets and the info coming in from @fire-hound made updating the drop calc very easy this patch. I have some time coming up to update deeper stats like DPS/armor/costs and the like.

most recent game data extracts
( is synced as we speak!)

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Great. Keep an eye on discord if Sabrist does another one of those difference spreadsheets. I think mainly the locust variants changed in this one. Hmm, I wonder if I could figure out this difference thingy using the info you just linked. As always thanks for the info it helps a lot!

it it fresh again:

the HS/DHS was long time wrong, now fixed (double check!) lock & loaded too

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new mechcharts

  • all on RAM now (no on disk images)
  • DHS/HS bugfix applied
  • current to 0.11.2 release
  • minor rage token tweak

Updated asset sheet:


Thank you Sabrist! This will help a lot.

i just found out the last one (0.11b) was not liked for all this time

it is fixed now