Chaos Event Mini Update

Restoring services has been the priority this past week. Jump routes are being configured and will be done no later than Sunday night. Asset transfers may begin-time permitting-Sunday. Leaders will be trained in C3 tool-if possible-today. Next Saturday 30 June is the annual Fireworks Before Fireworks event. Chaos will be on special hours 30 June or played on Friday 29 June. Huntress is expected back by then. But other admins will be invited to host event servers. BV is approved to be updated-reminder to self to update calc. Finalization of rulebook should be a priority. Starting the second server on game days needs discussion. A standardized promotions program for Chaos advertising is the final step before all systems return to normal for the summer. Better utilization of the SJ/Chaos discord and youtube channels is part of said strategy. Still looking for one more faction leader or assistant. Blakists and or Stone are still open. Thanks to the volunteers. Everything is still on track for a great summer. Just a few unplanned bumps on the way to smooth sailing.

Faction leaders were trained in C3 tool on Sunday. Looks like this coming weekend we’ll be able to use it in real time. Asset transfer spreadsheet should be done soon. Two planets might need removal from Capellan attack list drop down menu - Foochow and Tigress - as they are not present on the new star map. Attack routes for the starmap are done - thanks Invictus !

I will have to update the battlelog and import the past few weekends into the c3 tool. I will also update the Mek Master site and MWLL forums with the new meta game info. @Meldric Is it ok for me to link to the starmap? Mainly the full size image itself at this link?

The advertising portion will include a post on the MWLL reddit, discord, and a few other places using the images and logo for the new event. The focus the rest of the week will be on promoting and setting up the 2v2 tournament:

We are waiting on Huntress to come back online. It is hopeful we have it around Friday. If not we’ll be asking 12VR/Funbocks to help us host the Solaris portion of the 2v2. Chaos has survived on a couple of home servers the past few weekends. A temporary, worst-case-scenario VPS server is always online but the performance is not ideal. Only the map repository mirror, teamspeak, and game servers remain offline. We are on temporary hosting for the websites and this forum. I am going to fire up a temporary teamspeak to direct pepole to use the WR teamspeak. The NPL licence is not clear on if we are able to host a replacement teamspeak w/o the NPL installed w/o risking losing the NPL. That is why the “primary” teamspeak has been offline this entire time.

I will be looking for some help this weekend running both Chaos and the 2v2/Solaris. Chaos will likely be played this Friday. Saturday Chaos will take place earlier or later in the day. Sunday is the only definite at normal time day for Chaos this week.

We are still looking for another Faction leader for either Stone or Blakist.


I need to fix a map problem tonight. Unfortunatly, I have an issue with https protocol and I need to move the maps to another domain. In the meantime, the maps will not be functioning for a couple of hours. For all other things, I will be online on TS tonight and sort out the things that occured. In the last couple of weeks I have been working hard (and focused) on moving the client application to Java 10. That has been achieved now and I am finishing up last open ends.

Will adress all open issues tonight.

If I sorted this out finally, the link to the map will be a different one. And of course you can and should link to the map. That is, after all, the reason I made it!


(not dynamic yet, will fix that later today)

The map is now interactive again (with the new link).

@MeldricTh ank you for your continued work on the project. I was unavailable Friday. I hope to begin the “full” event starting today. I will update with anything that we find out.

Another update for the team. The main issue we still face is our server infrastructure remains down. We are monitoring the situation. The focus is shifting to finding a better temporary game server. The teamspeak is operational but performance is untested. I continue to direct players to the WR TS for now. Websites seem to be running acceptably enough for now. I might ask some of the regular Chaos players to investigate hosting servers on game day. This would let us have a network of servers to ease the uncertainty of where we play.

The initial transfer spreadsheets were just sent out to faction leaders. Stone Coalition is still looking for a faction leader. Factions will need to designate the mercs for each planet. The “defense fleet” equivalent will have to be set via teamspeak. Each faction now has a private forum now.

The battlelog now needs to be updated to show the last month of Republic battles. That info will then be input into c3 to represent the first 2/3 turns we have already played.

The drop calcs have some bit rot setting in - assets are not always changing to “used” state. The counter could use some improvement. 7 Raven Primes should take up 1 line at quantity seven. Often it instead shows 4 lines at quantity 1 and 1 line quantity 3. Some time should be taken to perform some updates and maintenance.

The team speak held up well this weekend. It is reachable at and We are still sending people to the WR teamspeak. But it is nice to have the old one back up in some capacity.

The search for a temporary server continues. Domkek is providing us a nice, stable server. But it requires him to be available. The Chaos Canada server is getting us by when we have no other options. The map pack would be useful for the custom maps but it will be a slow upload. I might not have the space on the Chaos Canada server to host all 3 packs. The server has a limited number of custom maps installed at the moment.

The transfer sheets need to include mech builds, which planets are eligible to transfer to each world, and a better system to track moves. There were some other questions regarding rules. A concern is that if a planet is attacked that has too much stuff moved might not be a fun time.

We are increasing our precence on the discords. Some new volunteers are stepping up to help coordinate knowledge and promotion of the event. The full media campaign is a priiority and should be ready soon.
I have delayed installation of the new Chaos graphics due to load on the backup web servers hosting our infrastructure.

The battlelog is the pressing issue now. C3 is ready to go but I have to input the backlog of campaigns. The attack routes will need to be programmed or inserted into C3. I am not sure if this is something I can do from the admin page. We are still getting used to the workflow of C3, the spreadsheets, and the traditional battle report.

I hope to input the tonnage ratio and battle value ratio onto c3 C3 currently selects 4 of the 5 maps for each battle saving time. I wonder if adding the BV and tonnage for reference for the spreadsheets might be worth it . Currently I grab the info from the master spreadsheet when I copy the fleets to the sheet.

We are still looking for one more faction leader to run the Stone Coalition. I will be a partner faction leader with Blakists. I could handle Stone but I would prefer to hand it off to someone.

The rulebook needs a final polish. There are some undefined rules and unfinished sections.
We will need a meeting on teamspeak soon. There are a number of final things to cover.

There were two lengthy meetings done randomly with parts of the Chaos playerbase. I am working on taking my notes and forming a list of talking points.

I appreciate the patience our player base has had over the last month. I have lost a few weeks of event preparation dealing with the server outages. I am hoping to get caught up shortly.

July is by far the slowest month with our player population every year. We are still playing great games even with the public servers dipping below a full server. I am beginning to worry about the player count impact from the event. But I think we are okay since most of the players are coming specifically for the event.

I am postponing the 2v2 and solaris event until we stabilize the servers. I have another unannounced event coming up later in the summer. The Chaos 2nd server part of the event is on hold as well. We still expect the Huntress Network back at some point.

The first month of the event has some planet attacks that do no follow the new jump routes. I think we might have to grandfather those in and play on. That should be it for now. I hope to make some headway on most of this stuff by next weekend. Thanks to all our volunteers. They have been an extra special help this past month.

The battlelog is finally up to date. I kept the attacks, even the ones that were not allowed via the rules. We have played 8 campaigns for planets over 2 turns so far. I have updated C3 to represent our turns. Turns 6-7 represent turns 1-2. Turn 7 is missing capellans and hunan due to a mistake I made. Every planet has been defended so far! I did change around the order of Blakist and Stone on some attacks for clarity.
I will still need to update attack routes on C3. I think I can edit it via the neighbors field in the admin menu.

We are ready for turn 3. Silvercraft represents the Capellan Commonality. Gnomeking represents Free Worlds League. Evan20k, backed up by duelist, represents Blakists. Stone Coalition is still open. Faction leaders are to declare their attacks today. Evan20k will need to be setup with an account on C3. He does not use email so we’ll have to create an account for him.

Once the client is ready I will look into what other changes or features we can adapt for Chaos in C3.
One thing I can do is to edit the planets to show the new BV and tonnage ratio gears. They now ramp up from lower to higher values as the campaign moves through the five maps.

Servers are still down. We are working on establishing some more servers via player connections. I will probably ask for help from one of the main MWLL server networks if Huntress stays down long enough.

I went through the notes from the 2 recent Chaos meetings. I will post some of the ideas we talked about. But there was not enough stuff to shape a meeting agenda. We covered a lot of ground but there were not a lot of unresolved threads to talk about. A meeting will be needed later in the summer.

Transfer tools were updated for the faction leaders. The spreadsheets now show which planets are a single jump away. The available assets list was inserted from the drop calc allowing lookup of current game assets.
I will still need to update the dead assets from the first two turns. Faction leaders will be allowed three jumps on the first series of tranfers to catch up to the event progress.

The focus now are the rule book and event promotion. Tying up some loose ends and making final decisions are key. Some unresolved questions need to be answered. The faction leaders have some questions regarding number of attacks per turn, low asset planet defenses, and if planets auto lose if they run out of assets in a campaign.
I think we can finish the rulebook with a few short meetings.

We should be ready for event promotion. So long as this is appropriate timing regarding the player population. The role of the second server in our current low player population needs to be defined. Chaos is still drawing solid numbers but we saw another weekend of a thinning public population during the event.

If we are comfortable proceeding the mek master page, mwll forums, teamspeak, and discords will need to be updated with current event information. Links to the starmap, video channels, new poster and logos, and updated how to play information are needed. A universal short copy of “this is chaos march, why and how to play” should be the goal. Something we can copy and paste to various media channels for exposure. Then a repeated effort in discord to make event progress easy to digest. Articles and updates should be regular around the usual 19:00 start time to attract and remind players. Some examples might be:

“holdbot wrote” "Blakists won planet Shipka in a 3-2 result. The first map was crucial as a kill was secured as time ran out. See the action in this video " " .

“holdbot wrote” “FWL tries to get revenge after a 3-0 sweep last weekend. They are looking for a jet pilot to open the battle in 15 minutes on teamspeak

That kind of stuff. All of my time went into Chaos this week so there are no updates on the solaris or other events.

@Meldric Hi! Might you please add Evan20 to the Chaos March users list on the site please? Nothing much to report yet on C3. It has been working well. The event is running through the fall now. I will put together some feedback at some point in the near future. But I think voice comms meeting won’t be necessary for a while yet. How comes the progress on the java client?

Lots of stuff to update and finish on the main event. But first…
You all asked for it so its coming! Bring the players TODAY at 18:00 UTC. That is a three hour early start on the usual Chaos time. Meeting regarding rulebook, bv changes, etc. etc. Sunday 16 September 18:00 UTC.

Rest of post coming soon.

To clarify Evan has already signed up on the clanwolf site.

Capellans and FWL are full up to date on planets and assets. Blakists and Stone are out of date on deleted assets.

There are questions regarding Battle 374 which needs to be played on map 6, results for planet pollux on battle 380, there are 3 maps played but results unknown, and battle 376 stone won, but attacked from an illegal jump route for a planet that is out of reach.

Planets are up to date otherwise for Stone and Blakists.

Jump routes may be needed for crossing north to south between winning factions. What happens if a faction defeats the opponent, but the other two factions are still fighting? Is the winning faction able to make attacks right away? Or will they have to wait for the other factions to finish?

All factions are up to date on dead assets and planets. Faction leaders may begin transfer.

The mini games need to be a weekly thing. It keeps players fresh and helps to test new game styles.

Some training for our faction leaders should also include some drop commander in training days.

Drop calc bitrot setting in on asset variants. I am not finished with the changes yet. But there are some variants that are wrong in the calc. I need help identifying those.

Rulebook must be finished. Top priority after the calc is done.
Advertising push should be made starting November 10.
THreeV3 and Solaris events bookend November holiday period to support Chaos.
Game servers are being evaluated. A presentation to the Chaos council and players is coming in a few weeks.

Current event is running through at least December.

The event start time is a major focus by end of November. Start time needs to be 19;00 UTC on the dot for maxium participation. This is especially imporant on Saturdays.

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Invictus finished the drop calc lookups! Thanks! Now I can concentrate on prices, armor, and dps. Still might need review for bitrot?
Partisan is set to 60 tons for now for testing.
Server! Phylex has acquired a server for this month for events and public games. Played one map today and full round tomorrow.
Rulebook meeting today as time permits. Important it gets done. Just the last 2 pages left.
Working on threev3 map pack and server configs now.

We are voting on the last parts of the rulebook today and tomorrow. Shift in focus to the ThreeV3 afterwards.

Thanks to Meldric the c3 attack list is view able to all players now:

I will catch up on responses to the new threads tonight.

Whoops. Voting taking place here mainly. Rulebook is in better shape than I thought. Just some thing to clean up and about 4-5 things to vote or clarify on. Chaos lives in the ThreeV3 shadow this week as that needs our focus. Chaos is still on for Sunday. In theory we’ll play on Friday as well. Dead asset stuff is gonna be processed a bit later than usual this week. Battlelog is updated. Server is setup but still needs a full 28 player test. Discussion of a more permanent move at server has to take place soon. Time to get one cheap is end of the month. Might stay with current one might try to catch on else where. Might just stick with volunteer servers. The promotion campaign should piggyback off the end of the ThreeV3. We’ll use some of the artwork firehound has been making. Then just a single page centralized and updated “WTH” is Chaos March why to play it kinda thing. Then just coast into January with only maintenance mode due to holidays eating into prep time. Come back in January to setup the economy and go full league mode “light” February-March. CRAP in real time I just realized the Solaris Event is supposed to happen by the end of the year. IF the 3v3 is good/excellent maybe can throw something together for the week after. Nope. Thanksgiving in the States will ensure we have zero people from that side of the Atlantic. But the weekend after is open. Yeah second or third weekend of December look food for Solo Solaris (No teams allowed) or something cute like that name. Ok so summarizing:

  1. Vote and finish rules.
    1a) Figure out mini game/second server role.
  2. Input the vote and finalize edit of rulebook.
  3. Run a good 3v3
  4. Advertise Chaos March with graphics/text summary of event.
  5. Plan and play Solo Solaris event in December
    5)January:Plan economy fix for February launch.
  6. Plan and play planet league “light” February/March

Ok enough for now. Off to get some distance from MWLL on tuesday before final preparation for Threev3 “Practice and pub” Thursday and main event Saturday.

Working on getting everything back to date for the faction leaders. Battles continue through next weekend for the year. Year end schedule should remain normal. Each faction has a leader now. But 2 of them require training in the specifics of the role. Rule book is nearing ready. Changes need approval but can be implemented. Advertising campaign needs to start by the end of the month. Second server status is slowly coming.

Blakists are up to date. Transfer open.
Stone is next.
FWL and Caps last.

Stone coalition up to date. Capellans up to date. FWL next.

This weekend will be FWL on Sunday and Capellans on Saturday.
FWL updated. All go for new turn. @GnomeKing If still playing mwll work with WR to transfer assets. Declare new attack.