Chaos Event Mini Update


Calcs for Saturday sent to leaders. Update to faction leaders this weekend. Need to setup training for Blakist and Stone leaders.


Auto pilot time for event for next two weeks. I will still be around and we can hold some meetings. But people are busy this time of year and have more time off. So plan for low numbers next two weekends. But one year we had record turnout. Be safe out there and have fun.
Thanks to everyone for another great year of Chaos.

PS Finishing Blakists/Stone next Sunday. Capellans offensive Saturday.

  1. Meeting broken up into 3 1 hour parts during a January Chaos day.
    Wrap up rulebook, form advertising campaign, update drop calc, set initial course for next Chaos iteration.
  2. Set cadence schedule for event. Faction leaders should know at start of each month what days to show up for offensives and when drop calcs will be ready.
  3. Drop leader/faction leader training
  4. Terrain Control and other incubator games 2 hours before Chaos drop start
    How to tie it into the event?
  5. Sunday night “sj practice night” expansion into Sunday night Merc night
  6. Audit of C3 tool, battellog, and transfer sheets. Make sure planets are all correct.
  7. Server reinstallation for more permanent setup
  8. Set dates for 3v3 v2 , solaris solo event, Project One Off Planet League Test, Operation Viper
  9. Get new C3 User assigned to Chaos group to be able to use tool
  10. Have fun and also improve streaming quality/occasional events podcast/recap show

Random thoughts. Dead stuff is 1 week behind schedule. 2 of 4 planet attacks declared for the new turn. Need blakist and FWL.


All factions are up to date on dead assets.
I am preparing best I can for the meeting.

1/20 Capellans Turn 2. Backup FWL.
1/26 Sat BLAKISTS @Evan20k Log in and select planet early next week on clanwolf site.
1/27 Sun STONE gotta get in contact with tigrex to select planet.
2/2 Sat (1/27 backup) Free Worlds League
2/3 Sun Capellans
2/9 Sat FWL
2/16 Sat Stone
2/17 Sun Blakists
2/23 Sat Capellans
2/24 Sun FWL

Double headers need to return at some point. But not during February.