Wiki team on the streak

just a headsup the wiki team is on a creativity streak:

  1. rotating mechs (WIP)
  2. minimaps overhaul
  3. news on front page
    tune your browsers to the wiki :wink: and see for your self!

(there might be more)

The mech rotation from Mech 2 is so cool. Keep up the work on those maps, we might be able to link those directly into the Chaos March league front end. It is a lot of work but the custom maps, even with just map images, would be a huge help on the league front. The wiki has been especially excellent recently. I send new players there all the time.

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Much of the effect on the maps is due to selfless contributions of Rich Hunter (screenshots raw and cropped) and Sabrist and DragonGod for the code underlying the excellent new map template.
I had to do something the mechs get some good love too :man_shrugging:
I felt it missing since day one - lacked knowledge to do it sooner…

Also Ouch helps with the lore and fluffs - so we keep in touch with BT - the immersion

I have the map images of all the known custom maps if it helps where did I put that…
It might be a bit disorganized but that is the mini map from the Chaos Maps at least.
What about an offline pdf of the wiki as a game manual?

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