What do you want from Chaos March? The Great Feedback Thread

So it is now 2018. I need to know what you all want to see from Chaos March this year. We are ready to completely remake the event. But goals need to be set. A general direction needs to form. So from the smallest little detail to grand overarching plans, this is the place to post! What bugs you about the event? What game modes do you want to see? What brings the most fun in the four hours? Want more tanks and less vtols? You think it we discuss it!

I have been collecting feedback for some time now so here we go…


  • There are mistakes reagarding BA total lives: “Each LAPC weighs 25 tons, has a Battle Value of 3, and gives their team a single Battle Armor with 2 respawns (4 total lives).”

Start times

  • Saturday can have flexible start time like we have now.
  • Sunday start time has been slipping back and is now too late for some (mostly from EU zones).

Meta game

  • Consider adding tonnage info into planetary information list, it currently only has name and variant info listed.
  • We could use some sort of planet (color) status based on how many things planet currently has, something like this: red = under 100, yellow 100-174, green = 175+.
  • We need better turn structure: get clearance from Duelist, move things from planet to planet, declare attack, resolve attacks, clear dead things, update battlelog, update starmap, end of turn.


  • Battle 371 to 374 are missing?
  • Caution, updating battlelog/starmap in multiple places will eventually lead to outdated information.

Map replacement stock options needed

  • We should have pre-determined map replacement list for most common environments and/or map types becasue sometimes servers don’t have all maps installed.

Thank your for feedback.

The mistake has been fixed. The rule is currently enforced at 5 lives APC and 3 lives LAPC. But the rulebook was adjusted from an early May vote to allow 6 lives APC and 4 lives LAPC. This discrepancy will be discussed Saturday for clarification. This rule will be voted on by the council in the near future. Infantry are being changed in the game thus requiring an adjustment once some time has passed for evaluation.

Start Times
Every effort is being made to move actual drop start time to 18 or 19 UTC both days. Word is slowing spreading so desired change hopefully comes soon. I agree Sundays have been harder to play recently.

Meta Game
Tonnage can be added just not right away due to figuring out the right formula.

FWL and Capellan transfer sheets now show max assets, mercs, and a placeholder for current assets. Once more a formula will be necessary to show colors.

Getting on a proper schedule is a top priority. First steps are with FWL and Capellans getting extra prep time for next battles on 7, 8 October.

Added missing results to mwll forums.

Ideal input it to mwll blog which then auto posts to these forums and discord. A bug was found so now post to both forums and it auto post to discord from this forum.

Map Replacements
This will also require a bit of work.

Perhaps as a start a standard stock rotation

TC Dune
TSA Clearcut
TC IvoryTower
TSA Frostbite
TC Enkeladaus

What happens when new assets are added in future MWLL patches but we are still playing Republic, which does NOT add stuff to the lists?

  1. Swap out something on planets to add things like Goblin
  2. Just add a small sampling to new planets
  3. Add via Mini games
  4. Use as extra asset for a few weekends.
  5. Do not add.

What happens when one team goes all in… leaving a planet blank with no assets on it… and that empty planet gets attacked by the enemy? Auto loss? Raid? Battle with only the 10 asset "defense fleet? Should there be a “reserve” clause requiring a minimum number of assets on a planet?

Update: Column D now shows tonnage of asset.
@Silvercraft I think we can borrow the drop calc table to make the lookup happen. For tonnage of asset to show up on planets.

On a seperate note, I think the drop calc could be updated before 95 drops using the pte. Not sure how to easily transfer the info over other than by hand. So not sure if it is faster to just wait for the xmls to drop after.

Gnomeking: “If team takes and apc and gets an asset legged, the pilot might be allowed to play as ba with weapons from the apc. To make gameplay more intesresting”

“Also, perhaps legged mechs are salvaged by the team that legged them”

Not a fan of using the BA’s then, especially with the inconsistency of how they take damage.


Meta game

  • No more extra things bigger than match average values.
  • Personal mech/tank size should be limited to prevent them from becoming “super MERCs”.
  • Min attack force size rule is needed (or there will be single Donar attack force capturing empty planets).
  • If planet only has really small number of defenders then use 3 vs 3 lists or figure out some new battle type.


  • Can we keep StoneRoseV2 in CM rotation (because new stock/V3 has no exploding stuff anymore)?
  • Map replacement ideas for emegency use when “map X” does not work or causes too many holds
    cave: Thunderrift
    farmland: Harvest
    forest large: Marshes
    forest small: Bogs
    mountains large: Taiga
    mountains small: Kagoshima
    sand large: DeathValley
    sand small: Sandblasted
    snow large: Enkeladus
    snow small: Helsgate
    space: Extremity
    urban: Outskirts
    volcano: Inferno
    water: Altay


  • Don’t let spectators join server after match starts to prevent red-x.

End of season doomsayer prediction (because of permanent destruction of forces and no resupply function)

  • Both sides have so few/limited things left that we need to come up with new smaller list creation rules.
  • One side has overwhelming numbers of things left to prevent any meaningful/fun/even matches.

i’d like earlier start (19 UTC or earlier)
i object the initial prep time (can it be planned in advance a day before, or anything, so the actual fight starts closer to 18-19 UTC? )
otherwise i like the effort very much and miss participating a lot!

19utc is too early for most Americans and a good majority of euros are eating at that time

@Silvercraft reported me today (in game chat) that the match preps could be a week in advance, if i understand well?

UTC19 fits me really well, but I understand that most are not ready at that time.

The issue is not just about advanced preparations or intended start time. We sure can build droplists few days before weekend and we can say that start time will be 19UTC.

In most cases this is what happens:

  1. Someone makes droplist for 5 players per team but we get 10 players per team. Droplists need to be re-build and it takes time.
  2. We plan to start whateverUTC but players don’t show up because of reason X. Once again we need to wait to get min number of players to start.

We do this for fun and life is unpredictable :sunglasses:

How about a quick drop that would go at that time (19? 20?) under less than favorable conditions?

Like it sometime happens in real life - can we try have fun with simulation?

I only try explore options here - not push the idea or spoil the main CM spirit (i like so much)

Not so sure, 1900 is 1:00 CST which works out well, after lunch and before supper.

Not going to please everybody but some may like the 1900 start time.


A good question I missed. Did the European time get moved back as well? If so then we’re good at 19/20 UTC. If not likely will need 19 at least as a mini game start.