Vote: Reduce Economy by 80%

The event is drawing to a conclusion near June 1st. The atack fleets are not dominating the planet garrisons due to the sheer size. But should the heat be turned up by reducing planetary income from 50, 0000 to 10,000 per class? Stuff could still be purchased but at a smaller rate than before.

RIP Tikonov.

But yes.

I think this is too much too soon. Can’t we try to bring it down step by step until we find better balance?

@Silvercraft What numbers did you have in mind?

  1. Maybe try global 50% reduction (25,000) for few turns and see how it goes?

  2. Second option could be to reduce it by 60% for those 2 big factions and by 30% for other 2 smaller factions?

Silvers idea gives more game - Duelists gives quicker resolution … hmmm

The final event vote for 2017 season will be posted soon and close this week. An end game (last 6 weeks of event) economy cut of 25-50% will be on the table for discussion. A vote to officially “end” the season and how will also take place. The APC vote reduction from BV 4 > 3 is another vote. Reply here any other things to vote on. Ballot up soon in theory.