Vote! Final round of Chaos Votes for 2017 Season. Reply within

Work in progress.

Vote 1: How should the limit be enforced?

Have faction leaders use a tool to indicate what to sell?
Turn off the economy? If so temporarily or until end of event?
Sell the entire fleets and purchase them new using a balanced economy?
Replace defense garrisons with attack fleets temporarily?

The fleets have gotten too large. The automatic tools are not in place but I have an idea. First, this might be a one time adjustment or something that needs to take place manually. I suggest we modify the rule to state that a fee will be taken for selling. The fee is equivalent to the bv modifier. This way we can use the black market tool to do the selling. The tool can be set to 5% discount increments by setting the number of depot planets owned. Setting this to 18 planets should knock 90% off the price. This way I can know how much money to send back to the team. I know which assets to delete. The faction leaders can easily sell assets on their own time. I think it is important to restrict the fleet sizes. I think 1000 is a good starting number. The other option would be to turn off the economy for a while to dip the fleets below the limit. I would like to take care of the fleet sizes beginning 2 turns from now at the start of turn 48.

Vote 2: Maximum fleet size. What should the maximum attack fleet size be?

We originally set a limit of 1000. But the average defense fleet is about 100 assets. Planets have been defended successfully despite this disparity. But there is little consequence to asset buying. I do not want to make it harder for faciton leaders. But it might make strategy more important. Game might be more competitive. Keeping track of fewer assets might save some time. Tikonov has survived with under 500 assets for quite a while. But they have not been a successful faction recently. I suggest a 500 asset limit. The economy seems about right for teams affording things now. But the old higher income bought stuff that had kept the fleets a large size.

Vote 3: Allow teams to get below limit by moving assets to defense garrisons on each held planet. This can test the proposed new system in stages. This also might be easier/faster than the selling system.

Kentax votes to shut off purchasing until below limit. But not shut off economy. Allowing to sell will let teams mix max more.

Leaning towards partial asset purchasing shut off for teams over the limit. But allowing economy to continue. Other teams below limit can continue to purchase. Might just allow a tone time “dump” of stuff without selling.

1: do what makes most sense from organizers point of view
2:500 seems a do-able limit
3:moving to defense fleet > will that make defense fleets too large?

limited pools/choices might force interesting combinations and makes winning/saving assets more ‘a thing’.
Strategy determined by limited asset pools is a good challenge maybe.

However economy could be shut off for period - that will not likely be detrimental to CM (or similar) drops in near future.