Vote: Attack Fleets Exceeding Maximum Size Economy Off or Forced Sale

The attack fleets are now growing well past the soft limit of 1000 assets. The rules allow for selling unwanted assets (mechs, tanks, flying things) to get under the limit. The faction leader receives 10% of the total purchase price after the sale. The tools to do this automatically in the order form sheets were not completed. The sales can happen manually by meeting with duelist.

The alternative option is to use an in game event that disables the economy. Replacement mechs could not be purchased for a time. This would reduce the fleets at a very slow pace.

It would also be possible to once more reduce the economy itself. But Tikonov is already unable to purchase almost any assets. But that is part of the game that a lost faction feels the consequences?

Discuss here and vote how to proceed with this issue.

  1. Asset sales to get under the 1000 limit.
  2. Disable ability to replace lost mechs temporarily
  3. Reduce income to lower purchasing power