Updated Event Info

Hours: 18:00 UTC ~ 0:00 UTC Practially Every Weekend Saturday and Sunday
(Hours differ based on participation)
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MWLLCM
Steam Group Chat: https://s.team/chat/KoP3SXVQ
Event Blog: https://mekmaster.com
Discord Events Channel: (somebody help me with the link here plz)
Teamspeak Viewer (moved for technical reasons) https://sj.mekmaster.com
Map Packs (temporarily offline, available via request Google Drive)
Event Starmap: https://www.clanwolf.net/starmap_CM/index.html
Battlelog: https://forum.mechlivinglegends.net/d/9-chaos-march-battlelog/ and on Discord.