The Big Meeting: 20 January - 26 January

The dates are now set. We need and agenda and some basic time frame. The meeting will take place over the week here on the forums, on Steam, on Teamspeak, and maybe some email. Do not let me drop this imporant priority. Chaos play times are still normal. Meeting is gonna to work around the campaigns.

This is a wiki post. This is the agenda post. Anybody can edit this post.

Post lots of stuff to talk about everybody!

Second Server > Link up non chaos games/events to take place inside the chaos “universe” with prizes/influence on meta game.

Rulebook. Finish this thing by Saturday 26. Last page needs some loving. Silvercraft has some points about rules.

Advertising Event. Double down on this also advertising mwll. We have some images floating around. Some good videos. Just need a strategy. This should be an ongoing thingy. Small ad pushes every now and again.

Drop Calc.
Captain she is in need of a refit! Drop calc needs to go into dry dock. Wrong assets, wrong builds, asset counter not reducing list size on same variant multiples, better tie in to battlelog. Some automation or re activate the supervisor overview sheet. Salvaging the 2017/2018 asset sheets witth their automation. Figuring out easy tie in to economy for 2019 spring event. Synchronize formatting to allow copy/paste of firehounds data on new patches. Beef up the battle report for easier following of progress. Somehow include the star map. etc.

Mini Game Stanardization
Down time is gonna happen. Have the old “operation viper” cheat sheet. We have this much time, this many players, we’re on this type of map, let’s play this or this option.

Delegation of some chaos duties.

Training drop commanders/faction leaders.

Set "end date’ for current star map.

Set date for 3v3 and solaris solo events.

Figure out summer events (showcase events outside chaos).

League mode… talk about planet league light for final chaos iteration of 2019.

Setup and stick to schedule each month. Faction leadres should have one week prep time. Last minute stuff is bad.

Improve live stream… quarterly podcast? … use graphics, up production quality. Sync multiple angles.

Use blog more often. Take advantage of automation already there and some improvements. Make meta game easy to track, let players know what is going on.

Improve battelog, see 2 latest posts for example.

Chaos evolution… flexible battle times and size.

Talk about the “lead in” games. Other events or just straight TC w/ voice comms.

Setup remaining time frame. Plan out through august, 5th chaos anniversary. Actually do something really special on the anniversary to close out the summer.

2020 events schedule…

Dev Support Possibilities? More server czars? Game modes?

Oh somebody figure out how the hell we use the give cbills button to build “new game modes/event types”

One big event each quarter, chaos thorugh summer, intermediate complexity events on 2nd server initiative, community spotlight weekends. Regular breaks from chaos like each quarter, like the scenario last december.

Next generation chaos/league event. Is it an evolution or something brand new ground up? Fall 2018 time frame.

Talk about experiences with current server setup.
Make sure we keep the alternate server hosts up to date.
Some events require more than the one physical host.
Talk about how to setup our public facing servers.
Get admins and moderators trained and comfortable using rcon.
Setup rotation.
Extend SJ Sunday Night Practice to weekly TC showcase. Strange but good maps. Work with 12vr and chaos alt server providers and funbocks to setup event network for upcoming solo and 3v3 events. And also for unit training and future events.

Tell the story of Chaos. A series of short videos showcasing the basics of what it looks like from supervisor, faction leader, drop commander, random player.

Time to implement the compartmentalization of chaos. Turn this or that feature on/off. this weekend mega try hard drops. next weekend speed drops. weekend after heavy tc. some weekend short tc games built in drops. chaos is meant for experimentation. gotten away from that in recent times.

Double headers but instead of dual chaos calcs, 2nd event or scenario. Allow downtime to keep things moving between events.

Personal mechs standards
Aircraft reload ban discussion
Battle armor Heph/Goblin Rules
APC carrying discussion.
APC number of lives/tons etc.

TC in chaos march discussion.

Faction specific and private forums areas. Using forums for non chaos/event stuffs. Basically, how to setup the forums better.
Bots/integration/media flow information from events to players via social media and other outlets.

Other event presentation/idea brainstorming. April onward wide open schedule.

Chaos in current form continues into spring. Ends/resets/add the league features whatever in march ish time frame. Chaos played in summer through 5th anniversary. What format???

Afterhours event. SJ/SA/CSF/WR/12VR? sometime soon.

Announcing team for 3v3! Stream team for 3v3! Early march weekend. 4 servers at once. Need two announcing team and two streams at least. Need ideally to also edit videos after to present the story of the teams.

Some easy way of micro blogging the chaos weekend. using chaos players contributing a small amount to make a battlelog or story or something.

Invictus state of game speal. Invictus appraisal of Chaos March, evetns in general, and what we wants to see in next 6-9 months.

Faction leader presentation time. What works what is broken in your roles. What can we improve for immersion etc.

BV team presentation time.

Media team presentation time.

Official council votes. Make official chaos ballot ahead of time.

Talk about one off MWLL ladder event.

Talk about the contiguous drop mode. Evaluate what is needed to make reality.

Chaos Fall 2019 Continuous drop mode?

Maps! 6 new maps since 08 or so. we can pull 6 maps from current rotation. Rotation desired is 90-100 maps for “freshness”. Consider some of the maps we played on tc map weekend in December.

Schedule game modes special weekend. Chaos march but reverse capture the flag, TOS, escort missions etc.

Need to keep up the theme weekends about once each 6 weeks.

Rules clarification: Are defense fleet stuff able to be used as mercs?
Better question… are mercs to be picked and used on at will or must they be selected ahead of time.

League Mode Setting Idea: SV_Battle_Report 0 1 . 1 sets it that on map change the server spits out IS player 3 dead. Clan player 2 dead. Or a real time report. SV_Battle_Report_Write 0 1 Spit out leaderboard so and so has x kills deaths for is team. basically a print out of the “tab button” leaderboard info. Can then export to speed up dead stuffs.

Team balancing. Hold a 1v1 day to see how good everyone is skill wise to help with balance?

Hybrid Three V3. Same bracket/scores but separate format day one to two?

Marking dead assets and supervisor removing them right away on battle day somehow would speed up turn processing. Even to the point of setting planet targets on day of battle a week in advance for the upcoming teams.

Very very very early for this but earliest I’m thinking.

Solaris Solo 2 March / 16 Feb
ThreeV3 8 March - 9 March

So timing was off this week. We’ll try again this coming week! I might need to set a hard date on 2 February Saturday before Chaos if I cannot get some work done before then.