Standalone BA to 5 Tons from 10

They were raised to 10 with the preemptive implication that the new weapons would make the BA more powerful than they were in .94. Almost every BA player I’ve talked to has not felt this to be the case with the consensus being it’s either a sidegrade or worse from .94. While some may want for more drastic rule changes to be made at the moment, I’m proposing for a reversion of the values implemented in anticipation of this patch on the grounds that the reasoning for raising it didn’t end up panning out as expected.


To expand on this, the BA currently is weaker(dps wise) than it was in 0.94 due to a mp-ppc damage nerf, slightly more mobile in the air but slightly less mobile (or able to peak) on the ground.

The rhetoric before was BA were strong enough to constitute a star of elementals from TT, but this powerlevel of BA has been cut slightly.

Official vote this weekend, remind me.

Vote time. Everybody on the forum gets one vote. Plus all these people:

  • Silvercraft
  • WR B0b
  • WR Burner (inactive)
  • WR Marius
  • WR Serpentus (inactive)
  • SJ Proxema
  • SJ Kidzin Wirth (inactive)
  • SA Carbonel (inactive)
  • SJ Vic Viper V1
  • KOS Invictus
  • 12VR Kentax
  • RDL Vitos (inactive)
  • ELH Zoidberg (inactive)
  • SA Khorn (inactive)
  • CC SF Thunderbird Anthare (inactive)
  • SJ GrimAvenger93 (inactive)
  • SA Domkek
  • SA Evan20K

Ba are now 5 tons rule is set.

After a month of testing this rule is hereby officially permanent until such time it needs revisiting. 3 tons?

A non-multiple of 5 tonnage value just makes list building more painful. If further buffs are needed down the road, I think we should look at the core mechanics of how they operate in CM since they’re about as cheap as they could possibly be right now.