Spreadsheets: 0.91/0.92 Asset Updates, Maintenance, Feature Add

Partial posting. The order forms need the 0.91/0.92 assets updated and inserted. The buy stuff is not up to date. Packs and mercs are missing from prices. This top part is done!

The drop calcs will need updating to 0.92 assets.

The drop calcs need a clear and easy area to keep track of points usage in a campaign. Currently, there is no place to indicate raids, blocks, etc.

The battelog feature needs updating to show the information in a more readable light. There are a few missing assets spots not showing. The first asset of each list is sometimes missing.

The drop calcs need some performance tweaks if possible.

Need ability for order forms to sell assets for 10% of the purchase cost to comply with the maximum fleet size of 1000.

More on this job later. See duelist with reply or other contact if interested in the job.

Buy stuff is up to date in order form to version 0.91!

Battle report added area to show raid or drop.

Automatic extra asset lookup added. Hidden league settings sheet for event specific equations and lookups added. Area to input per maps points usage added for blocks/raids/bids.

Order sheets up to date for 92. Still working on changes to drop calc.