Solaris Arena Championship Sat 20 January Time TBD UTC

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More info coming. Please help spread the word. What: Solaris Arena bracket competition. Weight classes and specialist class. Score and kills are combined to determine placement after the battle. Open to all pilots. Voice comms optional. When: Saturday 20 January Time TBD but late afternoon Europe into the evening Where: Huntress Network Servers Teamspeak (optional)…

Event has been moved to the 19th Friday. A second event may take place Saturday the 28th.

Rought draft.
Some more details.

Server Names: SJ Huntress Arena Championship 1
SJ Huntress Arena Championship 2
SJ Huntress Arena Championship 3
Times are goals and not set in stone.

Start time: 19:00 UTC
Round 1 ~19:10 UTC - 20:10 UTC Light > Assault
Round 2 ~20:20 - 21:20 UTC Assault > LIght
Round 3 ~ 21:30 - 22:30 UTC Light > Assault
Specialist 22:35 - 23:10
End Time: 23:00 UTC
Start time: 0:00 UTC
Round 1 ~ 0:10 UTC - 1:10 UTC Assault > Light
Round 2 ~1:20 - 2:20 UTC LIght > Assault
Round 3 ~ 2:30 - 3:30 UTC Assault > Light
Specialist 3:35 - 4:10
End time: 0:400 UTC

Bracket: Score in each weight class is added against kills (insert basic formula). Time played is considered. Then (if second round) pilots are invited back to compete in playoff.
Question: 15 or 20 minute round timer.
Allow pilots to drop/join during battle?
SErvers on autopilot with rotation with minimal decicated admin?
Supervisor/screenshot taker?
Specialist Trophy

Run specialist as server 2/3 depending on capacity?

Round 3 “championship?”

passworded server with password given out early?

Off. No idea if this is the format or not. But before 3v3… tough. I am gonna regret this but… 23 March. Date not set in stone. Or maybe March 2.

I got excited that this was next week as I’m off work :frowning: