Server Migration Complete Babble Chat Disabled

Hello team,
The old server was getting impossibly slow. Luckily Discourse now offers an ARM64 port! This new server should lead to a much better experience for everyone. But there are still some growing pains. The old chat plugin, Babble, is dead. It no longer works so it was removed. A replacement chat plugin is possible if I can find one. The other issue is that Discord login is likely broken. I am not sure if anyone used it. A few https issues have to be resolved as well. I will update this post if any new problems arise. But hopefully things will be stable. The new host has a lot more ram and disk space. So I might be able to try some cool new stuff. Reply here if anything breaks or is slow.

Found an issue that prevented logging in. Fixed that. Found a chat replacement and installed it. Working on setting it up for all main users.