Republic Rulebook

Still lots of work to do but here is the initial version unchanged from 2017.

Initial version started. Should be enough for the playtest sunday. Still missing sections and needs editing. Bulk of changes are section 4:

4.1 - The Starmap

The current Starmap is available HERE.

4.2 - Factions

Chaos March features four factions and a number of neutral planets.

The factions are as follows:
the Blakist Protectorate, Capellan Confederation, Free Worlds League, and Stone Coalition.

Refer to the starmap for which planets each faction owns.

4.3 - Turns

The starmap will group two factions on each half of the starmap. A faction must defeat their half of the starmap before attacking the other half.

A turn lasts of one to three attack per faction. Assets may not be shifted until the end of a turn.

Each faction must declare at least one attack every turn.

Turns may switch focus between each starmap half if more time is needed to prepare an attack.

A turn is over once every faction has finished all declared attacks.

4.4 - Campaigns

When an attack is declared a campaign is started.

The two teams will repeat this process until one of them has won 3 total drops.

If the defender wins 3 drops, the defender retains control of the planet.

If the attacker wins 3 drops, the attacker gains control of the planet.

In the event of a draw on the fifth map, a sixth drop will be played

4.5 - Planet Garrisons
The majority of assets will be stored on planets. Each faction will start with 150 ground assets, 5 aircraft, 5 Light APC, and 10 APC on each planet. Assets may be transferred to planets a single jump away each turn.

4.6 - Expeditionary Forces (defense fleets)
Expeditionary forces will be ten assets designated to be available on all attacks and defenses by a faction. Assets will be initially transferred from any faction held planet at the start of the event. Assets may not be transferred out and remain until destroyed in combat. Replacements may be transferred from any held planet at the start of a turn.

4.7 - Elite Forces (mercenaries)
Elite forces are the replacement for mercenaries. The assets count for 2 less bv than standard forces. Each planet has room for 3 total elite forces assets. Factions will select three assets from each planet to be ome elite forces. These assets remain and are not replaced until destroyed. There is a hard limit of 3 total forces at any time on each planet. Factions may select replacement elite forces at the start of a turn if there are slots open. Elite forces may not be transferred out to the planet.

4.8 Asset Transfer Process

All assets belonging to a faction, excluding elite forces, may be transferred to any planet a single jump away at the start of a turn. There is no limit to the number of transfers.

Each planet will have a limit of 250, 350, and 450 total assets based upon the planet class. This is a hard limit that may not be exceeded.

4.9 Retreating Assets

A lost planet results in all remaining forces retreating to any friendly planets. (clarify one jump away?). Assets may be transferred until a planet exceeds it cap. Assets will be sorted by lowest tonnage until the cap is met. All assets past the cap will be unavailable for any further campaigns during the active turn. They will be in effect frozen until the turn end. These assets must then be moved to other planets to get under the cap at the start of the next turn. If a planet is cut off from any connecting friendly planet then all assets are permanently lost. Everything on that planet is anialiatied.

4.10 Blocks

The event has done away with all strategic blocks. There are no artificial asset restrictions beyond the existing 6 player requirement for fielding flying assets.

4.11 Flying Stuff Carrying Rule

All flying assets are destroyed in matches that reach the end of time. This is regardless of the result of the battle. Aircraft are only carrying assets until time expires or a kill is made in the match.

4.12 Planet BV Tiers

Each faction starts with 16 planets with this tier distribution:

The BV tiers will be as follows
Tier 1: Base 9+2PP 5 Planets
Tier 2: Base 9+2.5 PP 6 Planets
Tier 3: Base 10+2.5 PP 5 Planets

The tonnage tier list will be as follows.
Tier 1: 45 ton - 45 ton - 50 ton - 50 ton - 55 ton 2 planets
Tier 2: 45 ton - 50 ton - 50 ton - 55 ton - 55 ton 3 planets
Tier 3: 50 ton - 55 ton - 55 ton - 55 ton - 60 ton 5 planets
Tier 4: 55 ton - 55 ton - 60 ton - 60 ton - 65 ton 3 planets
Tier 5: 55 ton - 55 ton - 60 ton - 65 ton - 65 ton 2 planets
Tier Flex: 45 ton - 50 ton - 55 ton - 60 ton - 65 ton 1 planet

4.8 - The Endgame

The overall winner of the Chaos March is either the last standing faction or the faction tied for the most planets when the battle supervisor, or the community, chooses to end the tournament.

4.19 - Raids

Insert Raid Ideas

4.20 - Map selection

Each planet will have (decide 2,3,4) sectors. Each sector will be feature clear tactical differences on each planet.

Maps are assigned to planets. Maps are played in a random order. See the following table for planets and maps. Each planet has multiple sectors that may be selected for attack. Each sector contains five maps. The sector and the map order will be selected randomly by default. A faction leader may spend two intel points to select a specific sector.

Map Packs can be downloaded at the following links.