Potential ASF changes

Disallow ASF from re-arming (IE: No Sv_aerorearm). Re-BV ASF, make ASF more available.

The mentality behind these changes is to force more aggressive play, raise the value of attackers and fighters and enforce actual tactics beyond space bombing for bombers. This also allows ASF to be made cheaper so we see them more and see them used more creatively.

Expansion upon discussion.

With regards to running commentary shifting to landing reload over air rearm is also a point I’m willing to consider.

*InVictus consent.
*Marius consent.
*Domkek consent.
*Duelist unknown

Consent in regards to LANDING REARM versus FLYOVER REARM.

This rule has been in testing phase for a month. So far no issues. It might be time to consider going with your full proposal. At least maybe time to untable it at next council meeting on full aero rearm ban or adjustment to process.