Planet sectors and maps

Sometimes we fight over single planet many many times and see same maps too often. What can we do to avoid this?

  1. Add more sectors to planets
  • More diverse action.
  • Planets may lose their signature feel.
  1. Select required maps randomly from all available sectors.
  • Random map selection, no favoritism.
  • More work and we may lose combined arms options.
  1. Merge all planetary sectors into one big list and use maps from that list in order as needed. (example: planet has 11 maps total and we used maps 1-3 for 1st campaign, then we use maps starting from number 4 until we complete that campaign)
  • No more repeating campaigns.
  • Every 3rd map must be ASF/VTOL friendly to make sure combined arms options are available.

these seem worth considering

Event will have 90 maps in total. Event is currently designed to have 2 sectors of maps. The sectors are to pulled verbatim at the moment from existing sector one and three. Alternatives are still viable so long as volunteers step up to design the system. The rules may enforce a cool down to prevent repeat attack on same planet in back to back turns.