Personal Merc Mechlist from minigame winnings

Free merc mech of choice for chaos meeting. one time use only. expires august 1.

all stuff below is not a thing after june 1.

Until Duelist makes a spreadsheet, store your mechs you’ve won from Minigames here:

Masakari A x2
Shadowcat C x1
Solitare of Choice x1
Harasser A
Daishi B
Madcat of Choice x1
Hollander A

Are these treated as Merc assets for drop list construction or as regular BV’d assets?

In Hanger

Rifleman F
Light of Choice (?)

I need 20 characters so ima do this real fast
Hollander A

Hijacking this thread for @duelist to see our proposed rule implementations from this testrun of this system. I talked to Invictus about it and he was okay with the following stipulations:

  • A player has more agency over what they get. You get to choose what you get, within reason, with supervisor’s approval as long as it adheres to all other rules.

  • A player can only have a limited amount of assets. We didn’t settle on a number, but we’re thinking quite low. The point of this system isn’t to give players personalized memefleets, but to reward players for participation/backend help/minigames.

  • A player can never buy the same personal asset twice in a row.

No authority post:

I feel like 3-4 personal mechs would be good. Id also add that if you get awarded a new asset, the oldest one is removed from the list. This way you cant stack 3 Daishi’s in your personal hanger and It encourages use of your own assets.

Also I cant remember what light duelist gave the City tech mini game winners. I seem to remember it being pilots choice tho

I also really, really like the idea that minigames give only personal assets and not faction packs. Seems a bit unfair that a minigame that can end up being 1v5 gives assets to a faction

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Domkek and Exlie have free merc mech until august 1.

1 Free merc asset of choice.

@Evan20k The not edit post issue was a time limit issue. Discourse locks posts after 2 months. I will look into disabling that cause its needed for the coming chaos battlelog.

Alright, sounds good.