Partisan needs to go to 60 tons

Now that the Goblin is in at 45 tons, it doesn’t make sense to have the Partisan with 35t more weight be only 5 tons more. Further, the we’ve seen an increase in all partisan lists at smaller tonnage and they’ve been wrecking house consistently. I think 60 tons is a good number as a tradeoff with the rifleman.

I suggested a general BV increase on partisans across the board. The problem with putting them at 60 tons is that they’re downright worse to take than any other 55-60t asset and the only reason you take them is to put some decent armour in for not a lot of tons. A BV increase would offset this so they dont become crutch buys for cheap firepower, while still saving on BV.

Set to 60 tons for tomorrow for testing. Issue will be discussed during rulebook meeting.

Partisan at 60 tons for two weeks. Vote to make permanent or revert to 50 tons.
Vote time. Everybody on the forum gets one vote. Plus all these people:

  • Silvercraft
  • WR B0b
  • WR Burner (inactive)
  • WR Marius
  • WR Serpentus (inactive)
  • SJ Proxema
  • SJ Kidzin Wirth (inactive)
  • SA Carbonel (inactive)
  • SJ Vic Viper V1
  • KOS Invictus
  • 12VR Kentax
  • RDL Vitos (inactive)
  • ELH Zoidberg (inactive)
  • SA Khorn (inactive)
  • CC SF Thunderbird Anthare (inactive)
  • SJ GrimAvenger93 (inactive)
  • SA Domkek
  • SA Evan20K

I’ve seen them at 60 tons as a test and we’re still taking partisans. I agree a couple of the variants might be meh at 60 tons but all the good ones (quite a few of them) are very comparable to catapults/riflemen in utility.

The alternative perhaps would be the goblin at 40 tons. I just feel like the goblin gets completely shit on by being 5 tons away.

Goblin is 40 tons now.

This rule is also permanent. Just need to feed some Goblins into the factions.