New season Rules for common problems

Pretty much all the SA players have agreed these are problems that need addressed before any of us can be motivated to manage a faction and/or turn up to CM in force.

  1. Limit number of APC’s

-Number of APCs available to factions is over the top and generally encourages overuse and abuse of BA.

2.Stop passive games

-Teams playing for a draw should be handed an automatic loss. You can not take or hold a planet by not playing the game. Not “Projecting Force” in any battle (e.g You hide in a hanger for longer than 5 minutes) is an automatic loss. If your team stops projecting force during a battle for any protracted period of time you get a loss.

  1. More Intuitive Starmap
  • Remove arbitrary connections between planets, if you have a border with another sector you can invade it. Reduce number of planets to 1/4 and have multiple battlezones per planet

I’ll look this over and see what can be implemented now and later on. Thanks for the feedback, I’m short on time for now.

  1. Limit number of APC’s?
  • Huge number of (L)APC that we see now is a sympton of this seasons rules (light mechs are gone).
  • Ever increasing BA usage was predicted from the start (with no light mechs available during end of season it is easy to fill 2 drop calc slots with APC+BA).
  1. Stop passive games?
  • Even old Planetary League had this exact same issue.
  • Who is to judge what is passive?
  • Match outcome options currently include draw as valid result.
  • Permanent death rules sometimes make saving valuable mechs more important than anything else.
  1. More Intuitive Starmap?
  • Every season of ChaosMarch has new map.
  • Number of planets was reduced from last season.
  • Limited jump routes have both pros and cons.
  • Multiple battlezones per planet needs new rules to stop it becoming a book keeping nightmare.

Each ChaosMarch season has its unique problems. Just removing stuff mid-season when we already have permanent death rules in place is not right solution.
You have some good points there and I hope you help us make next season of CM even better :slight_smile:

I know this is a bit late. I am trying to get replies into the threads I missed this summer.

The starmap part will likely be implemented in any possible fall league. Fewer planets with differing types.

APC will remain plentiful through the end of this season. But the BA rule will be changed by the end of the month. That might partially address your concern.

The passive games part might be partially addressable soon. Discussion regarding 8 bay hangars can occur with a possible rule change. The projecting force part requires more discussion and explanation.