Merc Night Thread!

Heyo - I’ve been running weekly TCs for a couple of hours early Friday evenings for the past few weeks, it’s mostly turned out pretty well. Link to a comprehensive format writeup is here, but in short, it’s meant to be a minimal overhead TC that requires players to be on TS VOIP (I’ve been using the WR TS at So far we’ve gotten healthy ~16-20 players for a couple of matches between 2100 and 2300 UTC for a couple of weeks (barring a slow Thanksgiving where nothing happened), population dies down pretty quickly around then since the Euros go to bed and the NA players don’t really start logging on for another hour or so. It’ll be hard for me to keep that 21-23 timeslot consistently after December so I’ll probably try and move things to Saturdays as time goes on, maybe immediately before or after CM, or I may try and have two distinct friday evening sessions - one hosted by a European like Deimos or one of his new recruits, and me closer to 2400 after a break so we can capitalize on NA activity. To be honest I hoped to have more proactive helpers with the low administration demands but I’ve only had a few people express interest in organization.

Small wall of text over, hoped to give y’all a heads-up on what other events are brewing so we can work together smoothly o7
(Also, SJ needs to make an appearance to my events so I’m shilling shamelessly, hue)

Chaos runs only this December. 28th is the last planned date for now. 2020 Chaos needs volunteers to finish the reboot. Need a rulebook, revised map list, general drop day format, and players. I can carry the load on a reduced schedule, if desired, for Chaos drops if I had others take care of that. Invictus and I worked a bit with Prox this past fall addressing all of the feedback we had from the summer interviews I held. The lack of players led me to take my break and reset my batteries. Any future Chaos will have breaks, either run it and then offseason or a one weekend off every three weeks or something. When Serpentus, Khorn, Kentax, Invic, others and I made the plans long ago on the future of MWLL the events had a vision. Three parts of training events, middle complexity, and full complexity. The future Chaos was going to be a split of TC night and Drop night to address the primary player base and the smaller group looking for drops. Chaos is now only me-has been since spring. Invic only has time to consult. I have no volunteers to share the load. That, and my own admitted stubbornness, is why Chaos rotted. It is fixable with help from others-but the road to the future might be best killing the past. My involvement in MWLL at the levels of the past 5 years is undetermined. I came to at least say goodbye, come back in January, see where things are. I might or might not have a role. Chaos served well, I’m still capable of leading drop day-but it needs a complete rebuild-I’ve torn it down to the studs. But without players and help sharing the load to transition it this is a short trip for me for non one-off events.

Edit Silvercraft has been crucial keeping things going in Chaos most of 2019. But I can’t ask for more that the level he already supports the event.

Heyo @duelist, just want to post an update on how this event has evolved recently. Since April I’ve been running semi-public TC on Teamspeak twice a month on the weekends opposite @Carbonel’s single-life invitational weekends, which has mostly turned out to be every other week (i.e. one weekend Carbmarch, one weekend TC). Last week I tried running his CBill-centric format semi-publicly on a Sunday and got reasonably good turnout (Consistent 4v4s and 5v5s for ~3 hours), so I’ll try running them twice this month. Below is my most recent announcement post in Discord, which I think sums up just about everything and sets out my plan for July.

Hullo, pilots! July’s Merc schedule will be a bit different - I will be hosting events on both Saturdays and Sundays of select weekends. The dates will be as follows:

This Saturday, July 4th will be a Single-Life cbill event.
Sunday July 5th will be our traditional Semi-Open Terrain Control .

Saturday, July 18th will be Semi-Open Terrain Control
Sunday, July 19th will be Single-Life

As usual, for all of the aforementioned dates the server password will be distributed and pilots collected starting at 1800 UTC on the W-R Teamspeak3 server:

As always, I’m welcome to feedback in #events_general. I alternated which events were run on which days in the hope that players only available on one weekend day will have the opportunity to sample both formats. Let me know what you think! An outline of Single-Life can be found in previous posts in this channel, and I updated my Merc Night event outline to be a bit more in tune with how I actually run single-life.

Would love to see you stop by if you have the time. Also lowkey hoping to get some more people to use this forum - I much prefer it for browsing prior event information - so I’ll probably shill it some more today. Best wishes.

I am glad to see drops happening again. Thanks for the invite. I might drop by late in the summer.

Crossposting my August announcement from Discord:

Hello, MechWarriors! August’s Merc events will be as follows:

(Tentatively) Tomorrow, Sunday, August 2nd : Single-Life drops
Saturday August 8th : Terrain Control
Sunday August 16th: Terrain Control
Saturday August 22nd: Single-Life

All will start collecting pilots on their respective days at 1830 UTC on the W-R teamspeak,

With regard to tomorrow: My area will be getting hit by tropical storm force winds in a few hours and there’s a chance I’ll lose power, in which case I won’t be able to host. If I don’t post anything by 1800 UTC tomorrow it’s probably safe to assume I’ll be unavailable. I’ve also been in contact with the Chaos March Maestro SJ duelist recently via, and there’s a possibility he’ll be making an appearance hosting his own single-life drops on the 28th or 29th. Will follow up further with details if I get any!

As evidenced, I was lucky enough not to get hit with a power outage, so I’ll be hosting shortly. One of Carb’s invitationals is planned for the 30th, so I assumed to avoid conflict @duelist would want to do something on the 28th or 29th if he’s available that weekend.

This month’s events have concluded! Some vods can be seen on Leeko and CharlesLeClerc’s twitch channels - &

Will post September’s event dates and start times on the first of the month. I’m hungry for something like 3v3s though, so if I’m lucky I might be able to pull together some kind of practice/exhibition match over the next few weeks :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re still interested in hosting something this month I’d be happy to help.

@DireWolf2K Sure I’m around to talk. I’m working on something and could use some advice.

Crossposting my September announcement post from Discord:

Attention, MechWarriors! September’s Merc events will take place on the following dates:
Sunday, September 6th : Terrain Control
Sunday, September 13th : Single-Life Drops
Saturday, September 19th: Terrain Control
Saturday , September 26th: Single-Life
To join these events, join the Merc Night Ready Room in the W-R teamspeak ( ) at 1800 UTC on event days! Events typically run for approximately three hours, and you can join or leave at any time over the duration.

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October’s event dates have been posted!

Your attention, pilots!
October’s Merc events are scheduled for the following dates:

Sunday, October 4th: Terrain Control
Sunday, October 11th: Single-Life Drops
Saturday, October 24th: Terrain Control

To participate, join the Ready Room on W-R’s TeamSpeak server,, starting at 1800 UTC on the aforementioned dates. Events tend to run for approximately three hours, and you can join or leave at any point over the duration.

Stay tuned for updates with regard to the weekend of October 30th-November 1st, a special event may be in the works :eyes:

Some vods from last month are available at & . Leeko, Kidzin and I also sat down with Kentax to record an episode of his Returning To Base podcast focused on gamemodes and their metagames, which touched on single-life drops. Hopefully it’ll be up in the next few days.

Crossposting November’s event dates from Discord:

Merc Events will have a slightly unconventional schedule this month due to the 3v3, but here are the dates!

Sunday, November 8th: Terrain Control
Sunday, November 22nd: Single-Life
Saturday, November 28th: Terrain Control

All will begin at 18:30 UTC. To participate, join the the Merc Night channels in the WR teamspeak server (which can also be accessed using the handy new alias w-r ) at any point over the event’s roughly 2-3 hour duration.