June 8th TwoV2: A ThreeV3 Event

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TwoV2 Speed Round
TwoV2: A ThreeV3 Event
June 8 2024 18:00 UTC
Bored? Got the summer blues? Looking for mech combat? duelist is hosting a small little tournament. Held on one day and designed for four teams. Standard tournament setup with a round robin approach. The kicker is the event morphs into a ThreeV3 for certain maps using standby pilots. But otherwise nothing fancy. Show up, play on a team, try to win the championship, and have fun.
Let duelist roll for you in Steam or pick among:
TC ClearcutMine

[7:28 PM]
TSA Jungle
TSA Palisades
TSA Vista
TSA Mirage
(maps not finalized just yet)
Cbill sets
1) 44 55
2) 66 77
3) 88 99
4) 36 40
5) 104 40
6) 160 36
7) 132 142
(sets are being adjusted but not by much)
Players may show up as a team. Players can also be assigned during the event.
Seven players will be be the ideal minimum number for the event but can make it work with any number.
Event will be best 3 of 5 if 4 teams in 2 rounds.
Event will have a third round if time allows to determine champions.
Part of the event will be 3 player teams using player pool of other teams or ideally designated 3rd pilot mercs.
Event length is estimated around 2-3 hours.
Next duelist event will be the seasonal return of CM leading into setup for the big 10th anniversary CM event in August.

Play suspended due to darkness. Might be the end might play the last 2 maps. Don’t think we’ll add in replacement 2 teams to play full 2nd round. IE once these 2 teams are done thats it. Possibly Sunday or another day. Will update what happens at end.