Job: Update Drop Calc to New Verision, Check for Asset Mistakes


Assets cleared out that are being updated according to posted changelog. Thank you to whoever started to post the changed assets in the log!

There is a specific format that is easy to pick up. The calc also needs verifying. Some of the existing variatns are known to be wrong.

I can handle updating the calc, but extra eyes or help are much appreciated!

Version 8900 Drop Calc Template for New MWLL version


  • Ares Prime
  • Argus C
  • Avatar D, F
  • Atlas B
  • Awesome A, B
  • Blood Asp A, D, F
  • Blacklanner E, G
  • Bushwacker G
  • Cauldron Born B
  • Chevalier D
  • Chimera B, G, E
  • Cougar A
  • Daishi A, B, C, G
  • Demolisher Prime, C
  • Donar C
  • Epona A, C
  • Fafnir A, C, D, E, F
  • Harasser G
  • Hawkmoth C
  • Hephaestus A
  • Hollander C
  • Huitzilopochtli Prime
  • Loki A
  • Madcat Prime, D, F
  • Madcat MKII A, F, G
  • Masakari E
  • Mithras C, D
  • Morrigu Prime
  • Novacat B
  • Osiris B, E
  • Partisan E
  • Puma G
  • Raven E
  • Regulator Prime, A, C, D
  • Rifleman Prime
  • Rommel C
  • Ryoken A
  • Shadowcat B
  • Solitaire G
  • Sulla G
  • Thor Prime
  • Uller Prime, G
  • Visigoth F
  • Vulture Prime, C
  • Xerxes A, G


Goblin lookup is working. Now to wait for variant info to plug in equipment and weapons loadouts. If anyone want to help with that reply here and I will add it to the calc. Anybody that knows the calc format is free to add the info straight into calc as well!

Goblin Prime Weapons 4 Small Laser 1 SRM 6 Equipment 4 Single Heatsinks Enhanced Optics TAG Ammo 1 ton SRM Cost 42100K


Big BV changes done. Consulted Glarrg for tank-related balance changes. Was overall pretty conservative on making big changes except for a couple assets that absolutely needed them and I’m content to just let the meta settle for a month and see how it goes with a lot of stuff changing next patch.


Shadowcat G updated to correct spot. WIll update calc Friday night.