Job: Update Drop Calc to Current Individual Cbill Limit Sytem

Hello out there,
The drop calc is up to date for the latest release. Drops universally use the new indivual pilot cbill system. The calc only does team based limits. So it can set a 200k limit for a team. The mechs get added up correct. The limit works. But the calc needs to be updated to use the newer system.

So as an example Player 1 gets 50k, Player 2 gets, 75k, Player 3 gets 95k. Each pilot does show their total mech cost. So it already shows player 1 is using 49k for a Holly G. Player 2 using a Thanny G at 73k. Player 3 is using a Vulture A at 88k. Effectively the team limit is 220k. The calc shows the team total is under that and ok to go. But fields for the individual pilots need to be added to show ok/not ok if each pilot is at or under the limit.

This is the primary job at the moment. If this were taken care of it would benefit drop events.


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