Graphics needed?


do you need a graphic for the header?
I think i could come up with a bright and dark one if you want ?

I like this software a tad better than that other one :wink:


the banners i posted for the tournament…


The more compact ones


I have put one of your smaller 3v3 pictures for the site logo for now. I will try to use those this coming week for the event.
We have a logo for Chaos March from meldric. Then there is a splash screen used for the stream. But Mek Master could use something for the blog, forum header, stream, and something for overall “branding”. This thread shows what is available so far.


Please give me the sizes and i will commit as time permits :+1:


here few for the teaser (feedback welcome):

all the screenshots courtesy of Unbroken (kudos!) except few from Shivaxi (kudos as well).
for the top banner (i figured they better suited to be bigger?)


Cool. I’ll get back to this shortly.


Ok sizes right.
Blog: Header; 2000x2000? That seems huge um… I think this can be rectangle or square.
Icon: 512x512 square

Seems this auto
Icon: Square
Header: Rectangle

These look good. Ideas:
The third one with the catapult outline. Blow up to 2000 square?
Then also alternate version w/o slogan, square 512?
Then alternate version, current size with slogan: Meks for Mek Fans
Picture w/o mech with landscape/background/planet or something with third picture font MEKMASTER