Four Team 5 Player 2/3 Terrain Control Event Test 14 September

Give me a carefull controlled list of maps appropraite for such an event. More info at todays meeting.


Thanks. That is a good start. TC monday should get some feedback as well.

This is also a go. This needs proper preparation and setup, even as a test. I think to setup 5 “on the day of event” mercs teams. Flexibility needed the first time we run this. But I will not turn away any team that arrives on time as a full group.

Close to launch. Ok we’ll use those 4 maps for now.


Best 2 of 3.
4 teams of 5 players.
2 servers at once.
Teams consisting of all mercs split up into “equal” teams.
45 minutes per match. 3 or 5 min of prep time.

If a team wins 2-0 they play third match until other team is ready.
“Runner up match” other 2 teams play.

Final event will have two rounds of full 2/3. For this one if we have fun we’ll shorten round 2.

Thinking “sudden death” one fight. that is up to 4 full tc games for a team.

best 2-3, last round best 1 of 2.

Round 1


Round 2


Og time ? earlier the better if we can. While a “test run” still want the teams to have fun and move things along.

1 flying asset allowed at a time. Will not ban anything this time around. 1 asset ban allowed each team.
Not variant ban 1 asset ban.

Team one can’t use Madcat. Team 2 can’t use Ryoken.

500 tickets. 45 minutes. Referee both servers. Common sense, or “chaos rules” prevail if we get something weird.

APC trick banned all games (parking apc near main base and getting money for spawns).
Standard old chaos raid rules apply minus the amended flight rule above.

Main event wiill have an expanded map pool.