Extra Asset and Personal Asset Proposed Rule Change

Help me clean this up. The extra assets need to be reigned in while still allowing late pilots to have something to contribute in. The personal assets rule was never finished and needs definition.

“Extra assets are to be assigned from the drop calculator the majority of the time. The supervisor may over ride these assets for purposes of balanced gameplay or to promote recently introduced chassis. But any assets over 60 tons must meet approval by both faction leaders if the asset is supervisor provided.”

"Personal assets are awarded as prizes for participation in Chaos March. The majority of prizes come from winning mini games. Some assets are provided as rewards for exceptional volunteer work or service to the event. These assets shall expire at the end of the month they are awarded. The supervisor may also set a personal asset expiration at the end of the weekend they are awarded. Prizes should be awarded consistent to the meta game. Exceptional assets should remain rare or take a significant risk to be brought into battle. Mercenary and other discounted assets should not be awarded often. A list of personal assets should be kept in the event forums. Assets must be fielded by the pilot that won the prize. "

Key bullet points for extra assets:

  • Need to expire within 1 month of being obtained
  • Can never be merc assets; the biggest factor that balances them is that they still have to fit into a list.
  • Probably want to cap personal assets at 3 per list. It hasn’t been a problem yet, but a full personal asset list theoretically could get cancerous with sufficiently high player counts (8v8 etc).

Overall though, they’re fun and let each individual player feel like they have some personal “progression” even if they’re not invested in the big meta-map (which admittedly has a very high barrier to entry versus interest for a lot of people).

Better documentation for who has what would also be ideal, (and public knowledge) since having to keep mental track of who has what from what weekends is kinda taxing and I can’t see myself doing that for an entire team long term. It’s tough enough managing my own Daishi spam :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vote for Evan’s format to include in rulebook.
Vote time. Everybody on the forum gets one vote. Plus all these people:

  • Silvercraft
  • WR B0b
  • WR Burner (inactive)
  • WR Marius
  • WR Serpentus (inactive)
  • SJ Proxema
  • SJ Kidzin Wirth (inactive)
  • SA Carbonel (inactive)
  • SJ Vic Viper V1
  • KOS Invictus
  • 12VR Kentax
  • RDL Vitos (inactive)
  • ELH Zoidberg (inactive)
  • SA Khorn (inactive)
  • CC SF Thunderbird Anthare (inactive)
  • SJ GrimAvenger93 (inactive)
  • SA Domkek
  • SA Evan20K

Yep this also needs to be finished during rulebook meeting.

Overall reaction has been positive to personal assets this season. I look forward to seeing them expanded upon with a hard rulebook entry in some way, shape or form.

Yes, we will add this to the rulebook at the next chance we get.