Done! Artwork: Website banner, medium logo, small logo

The artwork for Chaos March is a few years old. Looking for some basic branding so posts, youtube channels, websites, etc. have something we can use to promote event and to add some flair to website. Not sure on size requirements yet but basically one rectangular banner fit for a 1080 or smaller display. A medium logo, any shape, but preferably square or round, fit for display on steam group and in video overlay. Size target is to look good at 1024 or 800 pixels. A smaller version or a new logo for user avatars on forums, teamspeak, or the smaller steam group icon. Size should be very small fit for 100 pixes or less. Open to creating a new digital poster for promotion but mainly need the smaller sizes. Request that anything we use we have don’t have any copyright issues, ie original art or screenshots from MWLL. If anyone is interested reply here or hit me up on teamspeak.

Old Poster

Old Logo 1f6734bf8605e0e5fc64acc1a7da314896fbf2b8_full

We now have full permissions to use this picture.
Just saw the event mentioned in an article:

Can someone see if we can get permission to spam and use that poster/artwork?

That would fit just fine with the graphics needs of the event.

Mostly done. Still could use small logo? Part of this will be the media push happening soon.

Logo from Meldric back in May.