Committee Meeting Friday 4 May 21:00 UTC teamspeak

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PIlots are invited to a meeting to discuss some details of the upcoming 2018 season. The topics will be on the technical end of things. It is possible for a late starting event to begin after the meeting. Chaos proper definitely resumes Saturday at 19:00/20:00 UTC.

I will have the forces for all the planets generated by then.
I’ve also decided on tonnage and BV curves and assigned them to the planets.
There are a few things I wish to talk about such as the mercenary system replacement, Raids, rewards for minigames, and how many attacks per turn each side should get.

Good morning!

I finally made my way here. I wrote it to Duelist a few days ago… the problem I have in the client development stream is due to a behaviour of JavaFX that I can not change easily, so I need to re-do a lot of things. In order to keep our timeline on track, I have decided to fall back to the website solution. For this, I have taken a number of measures:

  • Created a logo for ChaosMarch:Republic:
    This is obviously only a temporary placeholder (took 2 minutes to create). If you have something better or in case you want me to invest 30 Minutes into it, let me know.

  • Created all necessary database tables.

  • Started to create the necessary forms (not working yet)

  • Started to set up a website form to edit planetdata (I could not really stand the thought of messing with spreadsheets again, sorry).

I need some information meanwhile:

  • Planetlist (including desired jumproutes)
  • Factions (including logo for the invented factions)

The standalone client can still be used to view the current situation, but not yet to declare attacks or report results.

I am still hoping that I can improve the JS map a bit, but that depends on the guy to do it…

In the moment, the scripts do check for a maximum of one attack per faction per round (turn). That can be changed, but needs some scripting.

Prototype Starmap

Blakist Protectorate, Capellan Confederation, Free Worlds League, and Stone Coalition

@xInVicTuSx need help deciding jump routes for starmap.


Acamar Blakist
Algot Free
Almach Free
Arboris Blakist
Ashkum Capellan
Berenson Blakist
Bora Capellan
Bryant Stone
Capella Capellan
Caph Stone
Capolla Blakist
Castor Stone
Chesterton Capellan
Deneb Kaitos Stone
Elgin Blakist
Epsilon Eridani Blakist
Epsilon Indi Stone
Errai Stone
Footfall Capellan
Gan Singh Free
Genoa Free
Hall Blakist
Halloran V Free
Hunan Free
Ingress Stone
Jonathan Capellan
Liao Free
Liberty Stone
Menkalinan Blakist
Menkib Capellan
New Canton Free
New Hessen Free
New Home Blakist
Northwind Stone
Outreach Blakist
Pleione Free
Pollux Stone
Poznan Free
Procyon Stone
Remshield Capellan
Ruchbah Blakist
Saiph Free
Sarmaza Capellan
Sarna Capellan
Shensi Free
Shipka Capellan
Sirius Stone
Small World Stone
Styk Free
Suzano Capellan
Tall Trees Blakist
Terra Firma Blakist
Tigress Blakist
Tikonov Free
Towne Stone
Truth Capellan
Tsitsang Capellan
Tunnah Capellan
Tybalt Stone
Ulan Bator Capellan
Van Diemen IV Stone
Wasat Blakist
Zion Free
Zurich Blakist

Thanks, that was the map I found before.

Btw.: It is possible that you do not see the new forms pages, because I need user accounts on the page to assign you the proper privileges. If you would mind to create those, we could monitor the progress of my work and identify flaws and problems in a very early stage (maybe easing the procedure of fixing them). Thanks!

Any comments on the logo?

Logo looks fine as we do not currently have one. May we use it for the event?

Sure, that was what I made it for. But if used outside C3 context, I would need to rework it as there are some errors in borders and shadows. If it is used in higher screen sizes, it would have to be polished. I will give it a shot then.