Chaos March Vote

Imported vote. Vote is final?

Thanks for all the votes council members.
Invictus, Marius, B0b, Burner, and B0b, among others were eligible to vote, Closing out the vote:

  1. Passes 4-2.
  2. Passes 5-1.
  3. Passes 4-2.
  4. Fails 5-1.
  5. Fails 2-4.

I will leave the vote open for Invictus and Marius through Sunday. If neither vote then the vote will close with these results…

Game servers are to have leaguemode air rearm enabled. Aircraft may now reload ammo with a low altitude pass.
Carrying assets will result in a tie until a single kill is made on the field. A match ends in a tie if no kills are made.
The air block may ban artillery from maps with flying assets, The block may only be used a total of one time in any campaign A separate artillery block may be investigated at a later time.

old intro part

This will be the thread to supplement our email council voting. I will make items to vote on. If anyone wants anything on the ballot reply here or talk to me on teamspeak. Vote will take place by end of month.

  1. Should we allow planes to reload ammo without landing? We have bugs the crash jets and this would let them reload safer. But there is less risk for planes making jets more powerful in theory. They still must leave the battle for an extended time. Camping airfield can still work to counter endless ammo.
    sv_leaguemode_aerorearm [0,1] Where 1 is the default and allows aerospace and VTOLs to rearm by performing a low pass over the aero field or VTOL pad, respectively. When enabled with a 0 setting, aerospace must land on the aerospace runway and come to a complete stop in order to enable Buy Menu actions. For VTOLs they must land on the VTOL pad and come to rest before the Buy Menu is enabled

  2. (work in progress) Should the carrying asset rule be amended to require a team to score a kill before assets carry? Air power would never carry. Battle armor would carry for three minutes after a kill is made. Matches without a kill result in a tie. The intent is to prevent a team from disengaging the instant it discovers the enemy has brought a battle armor or flying thing.

  3. (work in progress). Should the air block ban artillery when called on maps without flying facilities? Should the block be renamed to Air/Artillery block and be applicable for a single block of air OR artillery? The current rules would continue to apply to implementation. This was discussed as a simple method to counter long tom power wihout effecting the utilization of artillery.

  4. Should all TSA raids be removed from the event? Should TOS raids replace them on all TSA maps?

  5. Should gambits be initiated when two teams attack the same planets but not on the same path? This is for clarification if teams attack along parallel but separate routes.

The rules need to be written in a professional manner before being put into the rulebook. Somebody please take some time to clean up this text so we can input it here:

Sv_leaguemode_aerorearm 1 is the new setting for air. Air power may reload ammo by making a 30m or lower pass through the air field. Rule is in testing stage. A future vote may remove.
2) a single kill must be recorded in the match before the carrying asset rule comes into play. If no kills are made by either team by the end of time then the match is a draw regardless of battle armor brough into field. A single battle armor kill is enough to begin carrying rule. Aircraft must be clarified, are they ever carrying under this rule?
The air block may be used on a map without flying either due to no air facilities on the map or playing below 12 players. In such a case the air block becomes an atrillery block, banning the use of longtoms and arrow 4 launchers. The combined block may only be used once per turn. The block may ber overturned using the existing bid system.

Rough Draft done: See comments