Chaos March MWLL 10th Anniversary Event December 28 All Day Ideas/Volunteers/Spread Word Needed TS. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of MWLL, play some Chaos for part of it. I lead a day of organized gameplay and livestream pubs or whatever we got. Tell some stories, talk to some old friends, have some fun. This will be the final thing I have planned for now. Meant to be a finale type thingy to the old days and goodbye in some regards. I need butts in seats-if for any of my stuff this month-that would be the day I hope we get people there. What do we want to play-how to we spread the word-what sounds like fun. etc. This is the thread. I meant to plan this big excellent thing-but its in two weeks. So I make no expectations or promises other than I’ll be there on the mike with the livestream. But maybe its not too late to really do this right for such a big occasion. Fire away with thoughts or stories or virtual MWLL birthday cake.

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I’ll be there and will shill on discord and reddit o7