Chaos March In and Out Starts in10 Minutes

Drop by TS for a speedrun of Chaos March. TS ready room.

At 3 Pilots. Bring 5 More.

Jamuk and I are 1v1 for now. I’ll ramp up the organized as we get pilots. Drop lists are done and ready.

Up to 3 pilots. Currently organizing via asset ticket limits and playing with pubbers seeding a second TC server. Bring the pilots for organized gameplay. I’m scaling as we go.

Up to 5 players now trying to organize mini objective in a tc game.

Still at 5 pilots, at 3 or so for long term Chaos drops. I’m here for the next 6 hours or so. So drop by teamspeak and say hi.

6 players hanging out, 3-4 here for Chaos. I’ll keep updating as we go along. Playing TC Dune now with some more testing of objectives.

Public server dying out. Players headed to bed. I’ll still be on but shifting into “meeting” and “hangout” mode for now. Still interested in 4v4 drop.