Chaos March Friday 22 February. Total Terrain Control 24 Sunday

Chaos March returns to the rare Friday timeslot on the 22nd of February. Then it is a raid only Terrain Control Sunday 24 February. Details and specifics are coming. But want organized terrain control? Drop by teamspeak to play. Missing your drops? Stop by for a double header for extra action the day before.

A test terrain control will lead up to regular Chaos drops this Sunday 27 January from 19:00 UTC - 20: 00 UTC.

  1. Map rotation.
  2. Map time. 45 is good, but requested add 5 minutes. 50-55 minutes. 60 is perhaps too long.
  3. tickets 500 not enough. 550 good comprimise.
  4. Multiple servers pre setup. Balance load if big turnout among 12VR, Chaos network, funbocks.
  5. Consider “seeding” servers at around 7v7 and letting public players fill balance. IE
    more players come if they see open servers. They have options on maps as well.
  6. Chaos tie in. Mechs for factions but reasonable prizes. Like 10 goblins per TC.
  7. STREAMS and a prepared announcement centralized on the mekmaster blog then posted everywhere else.
  8. Need to finish setting up Chaos/HPG servers.
  9. Either built in breaks “cooldown” between matches or broken up into 2 part day. 3 hours on. 1 hour off. 3 hours on for the night crowd.
  10. Advertise and build excitement. Tie in that this is a permanent thing soon - Organized TC/Other events before Chaos drops. And Sunday night “TC w/ SJ and crew”.
  11. other stuffs…