Chaos March Battle Armor Rules Change Discussion

This is a simple announcement to address the concerns of battle armor power since the new rules change this summer. Starting now:

Battle Armor Prime will come with two lives instead of the previous 3 or 5.

Heavy APC at 35 tons gives the main pilot 5 lives.
Supports up to 2 additional BA Prime players at 2 lives a piece.
BA Prime costs 2BV and 5 tons. 2 lives.

Goblin and Hephaestus support one BA Prime pilot.
BA Prime costs 2BV and 5 tons. 2 lives.

Light APC at 25 tons gives the only pilot 3 lives.
No additional BA pilots supported.

Please continue discussion on further suggested changes.

Increase BV of all battle Armour enabling assets by 1 at least. Goblin prime being 0 BV is an exploit waiting to happen.

Parart from that, I’d also increase the BV of BA in general to 3. It reflects the current chaos March meta and how abundant BA plays have got.

I want to bring up a discussion on teamspeak on this topic very soon. I think the rule needs further refinement given recent patches.