Chaos March 5 Year Anniversay Event 18-24 August Planning Thread

So here we are. Five years ago on 24 August 2014 the first Chaos battle was played. I would like to celebrate with a festival of events. Each weeknight has about 1-2 hours to do something. The two weekend days are about 4 hour blocks. What do we do for a week of events?

Sunday 18 August
Monday 19 August
Tuesday 20 August
Wednesday 21 August
Thursday 22 August
Friday 23 August
Saturday 24 August

Fired up a server to advertise the event. Finalized planning on Sunday.

Sunday looks set. Rest are random thoughts.

18 August “Mega Battle” Invic v Prox Big Calcs ?
19 Retro TC Night
20 Ranomizer Drop Night
21 Solaris
22 Drop Card Deck Night
23 Battle Armor vs Planes
24 The Big One

Design needs to fit available players on the weeknights. Tying into public servers with voice comms might be a good activity. I need to announce this by Monday night. Idea is to excite the player base, keep game time to about an hour in length, try some old stuff and some new stuff, and build into the big games 18 and 24. But I need help to even get this successful.

We might be doing a ThreeV3 Open night on that Friday. Testing the “new” system, making up for turning people away, and setting up some seeding for November.

Maybe get Rick to set a server message on the weekdays telling people about the event

Visit (best?) parts of past CM seasons?

Season1 pre-made lists, season2 mega calcs? We have not done many raids/TC_mode lately so we could try that too? Clan vs IS historical battles with actual TC_Tukayyid? Maybe even some escort missions?

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Raids 24/7?
like usual pubs but server message every all so often get to TS3 and url?

18 August “Mega Battle” Invic v Prox Big Calcs ?
19 Retro TC Night
20 ???
21 Solo Solaris
22 ???
23 ThreeV3 Drop Commanders and Seeding Night
24 The Big One

Some of this might spill into next week 25-31 depending on my schedule and energy.

25 August “Special” Chaos
26 August TC Night
27 August TSA Night (maybe tsa on tc maps (base capture but no ticket bleed)
28 August Solaris
29 August Speed Drop Night
30 August ThreeV3 Seeding
31 August “What was supposed to be the 24th” Big Festival Finale

Today was not what I intended or planned. It was what was possible with my situation. I hope it was still fun.

Monday TC Night.
Custom maps night.
Rare but good (testing for the well TC event test in mid September).


And it just occurred to me Sunday night “slot” is open.

Sunday Night “Speed LMS”?

We’ll wrap this up in the season change over later this month.