Chaos March 2018 Proposal Feedback Thread

The proposal will be posted soon. Those that have access to it start making questions/comments/concerns in this thread.

Ok here is part one from Invictus. duelist part two posted later.

Suggestions for a complete bv system rework based upon the mwll build system. Something along the lines of each piece of equipement, armor, weapons, tech would count as bv points. Jump jets .5 bv, uac 10 cannon 1 bv, 10 tons armor, 1 bv, the rest would be adjustment based on opinion. a mech might have a base 5 bv but it is under powered in drop settings so bv would be 4.

A web based front end for following along in real time chaos match progress for everyone else. showing lists planet info etc .

good - my account is working :slight_smile:

just a quick note:

I like the proposals for an alternate play-style > attrition of a pool of assets will create interesting dynamics, and lower meta-game organistional overhead is worth exploring.

I am very happy to try this out - good work guys.

Talked with a few folks. Won’t this increase more hiding and poky play due to asset importance? Will we still see brawling?

Random thoughts:

Its a planetary league. Economy is of permanently or until its figured out correctly for a later launch.
Salvage, mech slots, solaris arena, battle value system rework, internet frontend for spreadsheets.
Economy=solaris arena.
Economy remains on but very low cash and only turned on once a month. Maximum purchases at like 30 assets or lower due to the drop ship size.
Fleets might have mech slot restrictions like mwo: heavy light medium assault. That fleets on planets might have a maximum overall size but also limited to number of weight class it can store.
Salvage up to 3 assets at the end of a turn randomly but no coin flip. Win a campaign get some stuff left on the field. But for both winning and losing teams. But it has to be kept in check - anything that brings in new stuff will lengthen campaign and counter the attrition thingy.

The starmap at 60 planets take a long time to conqueror. Might want to consider 40 planets or so. Maybe the old event continues on Fridays durign the summer till a total victory using 20 planets on a “third” starmap.

The mini game prizes might be $$$$ that is spent at the top of the month.

If we force teams to sell/junk assets to get below the old events 1000 limit we might place those assets into the initial pool for the new event starting fleets. Might consider allowing the factions to purchase a limitedL amount of their initial fleets or just to pick part of them. Like 2/3 of fleets are the same or given randomly. But the last part is chosen from a big regiment class? Draft 10 regiments form a pool of 100, teams that did not well in last Chaos get first picks. Mini game prizes might be regiments like pre made stuff to choose from.

New event might be like traditional mechwarrior where stuff is rare and salvaged .Factory made new stuff is hard to come by so attrition and other avenues of asset acquisition are needed.

Still want to find a way to “bridge” old event finale with new event. But the new event has to be a fresh start - the old factions cannot be in a dominant position to begin.

Thinking of launching new event Saturday-Sunday and having Thursday or Friday rotate each week for old event conclusion. Letting that be the initial test of the hybrid dual star map mufti format event.

More random thoughts later. I still am working up my end of the proposal. Since we are already a week into march might have to just start the work on new event and get “approval” or adjustments as we go. I should be able to handle the starmap and rulebook. But will need help with most of the other work.

keep it simple to streamline the key changes

yes, maybe drop number of planets/map size.
not so sure about junk asset sell off - how many assets need be lost from factions anyway?..but maybe that is a good way to transition.

i like “2/3 random”/rest selected from regiments as a basic starting point

Three nights a week might be a bit heavy (+weeknights cant get too late) - but I am up for it if i can.

Good things:

  • Simple is good, less obscure things and more action.
  • Less planets, faster “seasons”.

Bad things:

  • Team balance is far more important with attrition.
  • Super BA permakilling high end mechs will suck.
  • ASF/artillery that just keep murdering again and again.
  • Not playing for map/planet but for important kills.
  • Encircled planets losing ALL things???

We should do few test rounds to see how this works. Could be fun, could be something else.

a very good point:…hmmm

Random ideas for balancing teams , other than continually swapping around players (which is not great):

a) supervisor(?) imposes some penalty to OP team,
could be; - reduce BV/tons of OP drop list, - replace a mech for a weaker, similar version, -force skilled players out of most powerful assets in OP team in such situations, -handicaps, such as reduced ammo load, pre-fight damage, only 50% coolant ect.

b)supervisor(?) grants bonus to non-OP team,
could be reverse of above, ie upgrade an asset…perhaps time to set up on map … perhaps intel … perhaps OP team gets a bomb dropped on them just as they step out the hanger, scratching that elite gold paint a bit …:slight_smile:

More broadly I wondered about even more game-mode variants - eg reinforcements or 2nd wave, perhaps re-spawn in cheap/poor assets - OP team might not need to defeat 2nd wave as such, perhaps just survive for a certain time, hold a point, reach map ‘exit’ etc…

3 things I know:

  1. Economy will be shutoff either in current event or as rollover to new event. It has to be significantly reworked or start over before returning if at all.

  2. Asset transfer feature will be introduced. This is a critical feature necessary for current and future events.

  3. Republic will be designed to last about 3 months -or all summer- From June- August or May - July or April-June.

If Republic serves as the finale to the Chaos trilogy, if it has ties to 2015-2017 season, what comes after, and how much it looks like what we have come to know as Chaos march-things still unknown.