BV Vote APC 5 to 3 LAPC 3 to 2

Battle armor have been nerfed. Nobody is taking them. BV for 5 life and up to 3 total ba for 5 5bv. LAPC is only one ba pilot with three lives for BV 3. Should we reduce this ? And if so how far to what BV? Heavy APC 3bv? Light APC 2 BV?

It’s not so much that BA is nerfed so much as that once you hit the level of skill to hit them even close to remotely consistently, they’re not worth the team slot aside from maybe as a stealthy TAG or MPPCing out of radar range. In TC games, they’re able to bunker up in natural geometry and make it irritating to push onto an objective due to the high damage they can put out coupled with the fast respawn provided by the APC. In CM, there’s no such impetus to control a single map fixture like that as the battle is entirely freeform, dictated by map geometry and the movement of the assets as opposed to cap points. Furthermore, the utility of APC repairs is very rarely even a variable in CM due to no repairs and pretty much every asset’s default capacity is capable of putting down 3+ assets in worst-case scenarios.

BA haven’t gotten worse, the playerbase has just gotten better at dealing with them. In light of that, I completely agree with the BV reduction decision because they’re just not feasible right now.

EDIT: Calling it now, unless some major meta shakeup happens with VTOLs within the next couple patches, we’re gonna be having this same discussion about them too in a few months.

It needs to go down just due to the fact that its not very strong even when we only let the best players play it.
Average shitty BA play might be useful if we can stack it for more distraction on small maps.

Light APC has a restriction of no team mate battle armors It weighs 25 tons and has a lower BV. The pilot gets 3 lives. The calculator had a BV 4 but the rulebook states it should be BV 3. So this has been reduced starting this weekend.

The “heavy” APC (regular like we know it) allows a team of up to 3 battle armor. The 2 additional pilots cost BV 2 a piece and 10 tons a piece. The calculator has had the apc BV at 5 but the rules state it should be 4. So it already is reduced starting this weekend. The HAPC goes from 5 to 4.BV

BA count as carrying assets until the first death in a match. This death can include a single life lost for the multi life BA. Teams may bring multipe APC into battle but the max team for each is 3 pilots / APC.

Should we lower the BV any lower from LAPC 3 and APC 4? Should we lift the limit of BA pilots per APC? Should we adjust the 10 tons / 2 BV for each extra BA pilot? Should the APC spawn more lives by default?

Lower BV (and maybe tonnage too if needed) but keep total lives (and extra BA players) same as now.

There is little support to lower the light apc below 3 BV after talking with players this past weekend. Support is there for Heavy APC to 3 BV. But will the light apc suffer as the only advantage to taking it is 10 tons lower?