BA should carry for longer

The rule was implemented to curb long drawn out games, but it just leads to people running away from BA and running the timer down. It makes no sense that a ground asset suddenly doesn’t carry after 3 minutes. If anything, because BA is a low health, low speed, very easily killed target it should carry on the basis that the game (if in a low mech vs BA state) is now in an extremely close place and is very tense.

From playing from a Ba point of view, its probably the worst thing about CM to have the game just end because the other team ran away because they can.

My only contribution is that most favorable conditions would be
A) APC is a carrying asset?
B) X quantity of BA carries until they are depleted from that number or lose their APC?

APC carrying would be ideal. It incentivizes the other team’s assets to not move away from the action, while still making BA have an inherent risk involved. Also it makes a bigger difference between running 1 BA and 2+ in terms of how your team’s asset carrying rules work which makes listbuilding more interesting.

Expansion to previous statement:
Treatise of Manlets
BA count for carrying asset as long as an APC, Hephaestus or Goblin are up.


Spawn vehicle carry would be the ideal solution, as it would give both situations an advantage. Mechs still get to run away and let the timer run out if the APC is dead, but if it isn’t it has to actively try and fight the game out.

Neg. APC can’t carry because it can be parked in areas where enemy can’t go.
Same as why ASF/VTOL don’t carry.

BA carrying rules in general should be revised.

I can’t think of a single map where the APC can get into place mechs can’t, and you almost always want your APC in a forward position.

Saying APC can’t carry because it can get place other assets can’t is like saying mechs can’t run away because BA can’t chase them, it’s warped thinking

If this is really an issue, then I’d say you can never win a match through timer depletion, you can only ever draw it.

Logically that’s precisely what you’re doing, you’re running down the timer to take the game to a draw, not a win.

That argument seems like a fallacy given the capabilities of hovers and i-JJ capable assets versus APCs. Could you clarify precisely what you mean?

Please let’s not open that can of worms here. You can use your imagination and come up with un-funny evasion techniques/places.

All I’m saying is that it will be better to have big/simple rules than to write long list of loophole preventing amendments.

You can’t stand against my argument and then not explain why dude.

Remind me to bring this to an official vote this weekend, the ba rule.

Ok this one too. Vote time. Everybody on the forum gets one vote. Plus all these people:

  • Silvercraft
  • WR B0b
  • WR Burner (inactive)
  • WR Marius
  • WR Serpentus (inactive)
  • SJ Proxema
  • SJ Kidzin Wirth (inactive)
  • SA Carbonel (inactive)
  • SJ Vic Viper V1
  • KOS Invictus
  • 12VR Kentax
  • RDL Vitos (inactive)
  • ELH Zoidberg (inactive)
  • SA Khorn (inactive)
  • CC SF Thunderbird Anthare (inactive)
  • SJ GrimAvenger93 (inactive)
  • SA Domkek
  • SA Evan20K

APC carrying.
BA carry until X kills.
Mechanized BA hypothesis.

This had some discussion on Saturday night. I think we can consider the full proposal on the APC carry till time runout in early January.