5 Player Organized Terrain Control Saturday Night!

Start time begins 20 UTC or so or when we get at least 10 pilots.

This is a test run to figure out fixes for the main event in October.
Teamspeak organized at mekmaster.com server.

Best 2 of 3.
4 teams comprised of mercenaries.
Two servers at once.
45 minutes, 500 tickets.
2nd round so each team plays each team.

1 flying thing allowed at a time.
Each team can ban 1 MWLL asset (Loki for example).

Round 1


Round 2


Servers are up. Waiting on pilots.

Send Pilots at 20:30 UTC, in 15 minutes.

Send in the mechs. OG for Organized TC.

Chaos Tonight. I’ll be on until we hit 8 players. WIsh me luck. Livestream active!

Entering hour two of our fight to play Chaos. Drop on by or watch the action https://youtu.be/e5SrXR3BP3w

Entering Hour 3 of Waiting for Chaos. Bring the pilots to teamspeak mekmaster.com for a final go round.