2022 ThreeV3 Saturday 12/19 November 18:30 UTC

Update: Changes to map list and cbill restrictions.

Map Pool
1 TSA_Glory
2 TSA_Forsaken
3 TSA_IceArena
4 TSA_ForestValley
5 TC_Harvest
6 TSA_Alshain
7 TSA_Jungle


Cbill Pool
Number Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
1 39 44 45
2 64 66 72
3 77 88 94
4 98 121 125
5 101 66 48
6 81 38 111
7 113 100 84

Update: Promo Video is live Mechwarrior Living Legends 2022 ThreeV3 Announcement Video Nov 12/19 - YouTube
I think the map rotation is mostly ready. Cbill limits ready for a final tweak.
Next step is welcome letter, faq, and team channel creation.

Update: Practice Day/Night 5 November Saturday 18:00 (if conflicting then 22:00)

Event format will be round robin.
Possible gauntlet based on seeding if time allows at end is an idea floating around.
Round robin still determines winner.

Revised map list:
TSA Glory
TSA Carbon
TSA IceArena
TSA Forestvalley
TC Harvest/TC Ringoffire
TSA Alshain
TSA Jungle

Update: Working on cbill limits and maps. Very early ideas. Then updating FAQ/Welcome letters.
Bad ideas list of maps:


Cbill Pool
Number Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
1 39 44 45
2 50 52 63
3 77 88 94
4 112 126 129
5 101 64 50
6 38 55 65
7 144 152 165

Update: Made a breakthrough on comms. Working on finalizing format. Rough draft of bracket without teams:


Update: Signup sheet is available here: Linky

Interested in FiveV5 instead of ThreeV3? Click on the second sheet and sign up a team.
Still working on getting communications going. Will forward the sign up sheets and make decision on 3 or 5 format soon.

Update: Target for sign up sheets is this Sunday. Communications are top priority this weekend. Basic outline of event should be ready no later than Sunday.

Dates are official. Sign up sheets to be distributed soon. Event may expand to 5 player teams if enough help is available.

12 Saturday November 18:30 UTC
19 Saturday November 18:30 UTC

Teamspeak Server W-R

Format TBD Likely Round Robin, Seeded Bracket, Or Other.

Competitive team based tournament scaling in size

ThreeV3 if event on smaller side
FiveV5 if on larger side with enough help

Run time on each day target is 5 hours. No rush this year for any “Championship”

Mad Matt edited video coverage:

Persica Twitch coverage: Twitch

BAA Twitch coverage: Twitch

Mek Master coverage (camera 1)

Edited Mek Master Coverage (camera 1)

Edited Mek Master Coverage (camera 2)

Challonge Bracket: 2022 ThreeV3 - Challonge

2 matches left of first round robin:
Arena 1: Invic + Fridge Leftoveres vs Commonality of Urbanmech
Arena 2: SYAR vs Commonality of Urbanmech

Rest of 2nd weekend format to be announced soon.

Talked at length today with the ThreeV3 council.
Looking at a 4 or 5 team gauntlet best of five to close it out Saturday after the end of the round robin. A second round robin was discussed and is still a bit in play but time constraints come into play. A final decision should come no later than Wednesday. Note the 2023 dates have been moved up a week. Saturday 4/11 Nov 2023 18:00 UTC. A sheet for 2024 is made as well.

Weekend 2 Coverage



Mek Master Youtube