2020 Chaos Event Necessary Steps

I’m still on vacation. This is here just in case for some reason Chaos is desired in the future. The stuff I discussed in the last meeting would take place here.

This is a holder for stuff that would need to happen to reboot Chaos in the future. The second post is a wiki post that all users can edit.

-Map list, removing “poopy” maps

  • Event format (cbills/tonnage/meta/etc)
  • Things that broke everything that need removal
  • Drop calc retrofit for cbills or whatever is used
  • Schedule (basic)
  • Find new members of the new event council, charged with voting on upkeep, checking things before rot sets in, supporting/directing event runner
  • Find ways to tie into the other training/TC/ThreeV3/other events in a simple manner
  • Investigate ideas from dev team in ways the game development could support event.

Wiki Post Scratch Board
Throw up anything here regarding community work/edits towards the necessary retrofits regarding any future Chaos event to better fit and fix what the players would want.

Council Membership Ideas


Map List > just use maps on 12vr drops server. Externalize everything possible. Drop anything that takes up energy better used on event.
Maps > Maps Committee , they can update maps when they feel necessary.
Use the list from DIre’s event if that is ok.

Schedule, Sunday Nights << Roll SJ practice population into this
Rotating Saturdays “normal time”

Friday Nights << during full seasons

Drop Calc > Probably has to be me, duelist.

Tie ins with other events << leader board to start with. TC game win 3, drop win 2, SA win 1, dueling 1v1 win 1 etc?

Meta Game > existing starmap linear progress so many points=planet victory

Note to duelist: import all the stuff from the steam working group here.

Need from Invic: Update blah blah blah about the story. The reason the new season is played. Chaos in crumbles, Devin Stone is running, etc.

Main thing needed from people other than me: The format for battles during the day. Prefer something “written” so I can plug into the rulebook.

Operation viper style meta game might work. Limited options take place outside gameday while allowing for some basic variety. Still mostly linear, probably still with the leader board.

Weekly asset draft. Partial forces are from a draft making it easy for leader to pick part of their assets. Tied to performance the past week to determine draft order. Replaces defense fleets?

Is the Chaos March event coming back to a regular schedule this year or are you still enjoying your extended break Duelist?

Probably, assuming there is demand and I got some help tackling the startup work. I am on break for all of January to give the TC event room to breathe.

is there a way to run a permanent leader board somewhere? would this forum for instance be able to have such a thing?

12VR has some website now with some statistics. A leaderboard can be done in a spreadsheet or on a forum probably.

Faction One
Twelve points
2 TC wins - 6
3 drop wins- 6
Duels 0 - 0

@DireWolf2K How are things with the TC event?

It’s going. In practice, there hasn’t been consistent high enough attendance for semi-open TC on most weeks, but I think that’s in part due to some experimentation early on and scheduling conflicts with a lot of the regulars that can make it appear vibrant. When short of the necessary number of players for semi-open TC, sometimes we’ve seeded pubs with organized teams working against each other in VOIP and it’s been a great time, but sometimes there are too few even for that, and those pubs can be energetic but often less so. When populated, however, the events themselves tend to run well. Rick’s servers are good and he’s developed a way for selected admins to reliably load and change maps via discord, which also enables quickly switching gamemodes.

I’ve still had difficulty finding people to help me host whenever I’m not available. I’m not going to be available next weekend, so I think I’ll use the opportunity to take a break and change how the event works. I think reducing the frequency of the event to twice or maybe once a month could reduce event fatigue. I also want to schedule more closely with @Carbonel to make sure events don’t occur on the same days or weekends.

I think there’s still a place for semi-open single-life events - Carb’s invitationals continue to draw people and they tend to run well, and I’ve had other people outside of that circle express interest in single-life drops. I think a monthly schedule with weekends devoted to semi-open TC, semi-open single-life with limited metagame, and closed single life drops is possible and might be the best way forward. I’m willing to acknowledge there might not be enough demand for me to host my event weekly, but I’m still happy to help other events on a more regular basis, so I’d be happy to help with CM if you decide it’s something you’d still like to do.

Thanks for the update. I’m still around keeping an eye on things.