2019 Chaos League Summer Event Ultra Early Planning Stages

It may never happen. But it takes time to think and setup so screw it.

Here is our rulebook (empty) for now. For the summer league. June 1- August 24.

Here is the most current version, in progress and all. Needs review for approval.

And here is the editing/make notes version:

Also a static view only link to current main (same as above at time of posting)

I am ready to get to work. I need volunteers to help me get this thing off the ground.

  1. Economy
  2. “Other” Game Modes/ Second Server Initiave.
  3. Rulebook finished
  4. Fixing the cracks in the current game

If I can get that done we are in good shape. I need to do my part and immediately process all dead stuff for all factions, verify the battlelog, and train/sit down with faction leaders and get the meta game moving. This is both the starmap declaration and moving assets around. I will be heavily involved in the initial stages but autonomy will help lessen my load. That will free up time for the big stuff like 3v3, Chaos Anniversary, MWLL anniversary, and that “secret” event I want to try.

But the biggest part, and this cannot be skipped, is the feedback stage. I am on a world tour getting feedback. Those 4 things above I need to priority get done fast as in like this week fast. But for the rest of the longer term stuff, we are going to move glacially slow to get it right.

Now to see if I can actually finish this rather than just talk about it. Wish me luck.

Random thoughts.

Mandatory or primary TC or multi life built into the 3/5 format.
Cbill base with occassional “legacy BV/ton”
Event primary cbill base/using as much of asset tickets/players/built in economy of actual MWLL game as possible.

Complete revision of rulebook meta game.
Economy, once per month buying in limited fashion.
Much smaller starmap/ “cities on planet” map
Possibly primary TC or continous drop mode
Secondary Server, ie late nights/weekdays matches impacting overall progress.
Dead asset persistance like now but some easier transfer tool
Meta game complete rebuild/rework
Built in personal mechs assigned/earned/bought in different manner
Set end date, some sort of failsafe to end event on time
Two main teams (likely Caps/Stone from “last season” or just continuation of last conflict)
Two side teams for anybody to play, less “serious” but not “training” factions either

Monday night league events
Individuals performance impacting event over time.
Possible “player roles” or “environment changes” TC/TSA
Multiple life game modes
Still a heavy focus on organized “drops” but redefining drops
Still select nights “classic chaos” (one life, sides, etc. Very rare BV/tons)
Relaxing flying rules (but not too much)
Possible Steam/Discord voice comms for select events

(Insert invic proposal here when ready)
Still Sat/Sun but planned “Sunday night late night” slots
Some Monday slots (say once every 2-3 weeks)
Better? “Follow Along with overall event progress”
Return of planet/city types (differentiation)
Return of other game modes
Return of test nights for new stuff

“Planetary/City League, Lite”
Investigate integration with desired persistent “leagues” other tier organized play
TSA - How to “fix” via organization
Solaris “Regluar Mini”
Mini games as standard, built into the start of a coming map.

Insert feedback from players.

Updated easier-to-follow more info battlelog.
Less work on supervisor less work on faction leads.
W/O taking away meta game options.

BV system replacement=Asset tickets
Tonnage system replacement=Cbills

Asset tickets only come into play in certain continuous drop modes.
Primarily only the new cbills limit.

Updated map list rotation. Take some old maps out. Put heavy emphasis on new
stock maps. Pool remains roughly same size. Borderline maps (stability, not fun to play) become rare.

3/5 sometimes or always mixes different game modes/scenarios.

Map 1 Drop Classic BV/tons
Map 2 Terrain Control Thunderrift
Map 3 Cbills 2 life drop.
Map 4 Cbills 3 life drop. IS tech.
Map 5 Series 3 drop lists then 30 minutes TC.

Assets still come from “pools” and cities/planets have ability to transfer them. Dead stuff still goes away. Attrition is important. Something about assets used in TC games count against the pool or cbills or something. Something revolving around asset tickets tied to economy tied to dead assets or personal mechs.

Random thought tickets are economy and “wins/losses” on a planet. Overall "we won maps 1, 3, 5 so we win “planet/city” Still counts. But “performance” even in loss can lead to progress.

Unbalanced drops tests but not part of main event.

Ok that is a good random start. Feedback etc.
Launch September mid-late
End December 31. (Main end 29th, epilogue 30/31)

This needs a jump start.

TC Map pool will be smaller than regular drop pool if playing traditional TC.

1 Life Terrain Control.

“Drops” in TC Mode. Selling not allowed, base capture, repairs, ammo is. Still Chaos rules like no main hangar after 5 minutes.

Sometimes tickets are on and mater.

Tickets as the overall “economy” and “currency” of fall event.

Drops in which the bases can matter, in which “points of conflict” matter

Or just simply Chaos drops with repairs allowed.

Or even just “two lives per piot” drops.