Event Launch Checklist


What needs to be done to be ready for a smooth launch on the second? Post here so we can get everything in order.

-Final Big Meeting

  • Decide second server rules, setup, how to capture planet on second server
  • Promo video (choose a good existing video)
  • Schedule the end game epilogue for current season in july
  • Set dates for non-chaos events (3v3, LMS, Operation Viper, “Classic Chaos”, Air Tourney, TC Only Chaos)
  • Identify faction leaders
  • Need some promo text, fluff,
  • Promotion in general
  • Need to decide on asset transfer tool (at this point faction leaders move pieces via copy/paste sheets)
  • Playtest! When!
  • 4k resolution mwll promo video…
  • C3 Tools/Starmap Test Drive, Leaders signup at https://clanwolf.net
  • Setup second server admin accounts for assistants
  • Create first turn, allow ample time for first asset transfers
  • Set dates in stone (June 2- August 25 OR August 31)
  • Determine when/how if we decide to play a FULL league in fall
  • Chaos 2019/Finale Season (September 8 - December 30)
  • Jan 1st 2019 on- no plans made
  • Figure out blog use
  • etc etc

Ok now post other stuff we need to do!