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Chaos Event Mini Update

May is here. It is all about preparing the summer league now. Getting our design document up, assigning volunteers to distribute the work. and play testing between drops. Everything else is less of a priority until June 1.

I think the solution to dead assets is to require the supervisor to post the drop calc participation lists. This then in turn shows dead assets if the faction leaders filled them out. A quick way to allow auditing and to have the dead assets right there.

Today went well with an on the fly FWL campaign. Blakists and Capellans are preparing for Sunday.

Drop calc update is now done. Rulebook should be very close to approval. FWL dead stuff half done. Blakists/Stone need dead stuff processed. Videos, battlelog need some updates. Summer league features need to be added to rulebook.

I am now collecting feedback from everywhere I can. I want to investigate activating the second server initiative. Rulebook needs the Economy added in. “Raids” need defining. Then setting the official dates for the Chaos Anniversary, "5v5 “TC?”, and the 10th MWLL anniversary edition. 3v3 is sorta set for Mid July and if we’re still doing stuff Octover/November time frame. I will need help finishing this last bit of setup for the Summer League. I mainly need feedback and ideas. Then it is time to finish catching up on dead assets, turns, and setting and keeping a schedule cadence for our faciton leaders. Mainly, I need to train anybody willing to learn the asset transfer and meta game. More info later, gotta forumlate the feedback so far, listen to the lots more coming, and figure out what is possible.

Getting some progress done on battlelog and videos tonight. The second server will possibly go up tonight. IF I do my part then soft launch next weekend for the remaining features or part of them.

Battlelog is done. Videos are done. Maybe finish FWL in time for a new campaign later today.

Videos are up to date. I need help configuring holdbot so I can start using these forums to send more info Discord. I am spamming the Blog too much for announcements and updates. We also need to figure out a way for Discord users to contact me somehow. IE make the bot go both ways so somebody contacts it it posts in an IRC, here, email, or something.

Keep the pressure on me players to get the dead assets done by the weekend. That is a critical step I kee p letting slip.

I think we should launch the second server this weekend after Chaos March with an “open” version of the SA/CJF Cbill games. It would be a good place to start.

Capellans and Free Worlds League are up to date. Stone and Blakists are next. SSI server is online. We are in good shape if I can get the other factions updated by Sunday afternoon.

I am working on using the forum bot for discord chaos player group announcements to declutter the blog. But I just realized that might spam forum user email if notifications are enabled. I will try to disable that in the announcement thread. I am just now starting work on updating the Blakists and Stone dead assets lists. Today we’ll try to start on time and have a second play window like last weekend late at night. Dead stuff up to date through B458.

So the immediate priority is getting the Falcons ready for this weekend. I then have to figure out how to handle the Blakists. I am down to the last 3 groups of interviews I wish to hold for Chaos. Then the remaining items of business for the season will be the stabilization of the Second Server Initiatve (SSI) , establishment of the basic economy, and training for faction and drop leaders. That should take us through August or mid September. Major changes that need testing will take place via SSI. And at some point I hope to actually have people attend the annual meeting to map out the five-day-long 5th year August Event, 10th Year December Game Anniversary event, and anything we’re doing in the fall.

Oh and the annual “fireworks before fireworks” event will be a low key SSI event probably next weekend.

Everything is up to date on dead assets. Stone and Blakists should start making prep for their turns next weekend. Some training happened for Stone last weekend. CJF was well prepared for their fight. Interviews are nearing done. Two of the parties I wanted to interview have not responded back. I got feedback instead in another fashion. The Economy is next, with final step SSI is 'this" to Chaos meta. ThreeV3 details need to come out early next week. The public hpg servers need updated rotations and rcon.

Battlelog updated. Dead assets for Stone/Blakists and FWL/Caps need processing last battle. Also need to sort out results from latest Stone battle. Chaos is on backburner now through the ThreeV3. Standard stuff will be processed but ThreeV3 will take up most of our time for the next week.

Faction leaders will need accounts created manually on the ClanWolf site. I will meet to make that happen after the 3v3.

Minimal maintenance until Sunday. Updating drop calc for new assets. Setting up group editing for identifying out of date existing variants.

Hmm surprised this slipped pass everyone. I’ll add more details.

Chaos 5th Anniversary Events Week
August 18-25 2019. August 24.
"TC Event (extremely early stages now; placeholder?)
Saturday October 19, Sunday October 20 2019.
ThreeV3 (Cbills, actual real double elimination, etc. still a bit early)
Friday November 15, Saturday November 16 2019.
10th Anniversary Celebration of MWLL Event
Friday December 27 2019. Saturday December 28 2019.

Drop calc update info is available. Final changes to be made soon. Planning must begin now on the anniversary event. Secondary server plans for some night games. Priority now is the 2nd part of the ThreeV3 next weekend. Championship and Third Place Championship games with some round robin seeing matches. Working out the bumps from last time and being prepared should help. Today we got some Chaos games in - I look forward to starting the process for the future with our volunteers starting tomorrow.

Also remind me during Chaos or later Sunday night to bulk distribute and setup basic map change permissions for servers. This is in addition to the roll out of moderator roles for event servers and public games.

Adding to all this a group review of BV is order on the 50 or so variants that have changed since the last review. The new assets will also need assignments.

Yet more stuff is I need a list of current/potential/“backup” planet/starmap accounts needed both for this season and for any potential fall league. These accounts have to be created manually and preferally all at once during a meeting with the admins of the Clan Wolf website.

What would an MWLL “temporary” ladder event look like?

Investigate 64 bit game server (keyboard input bug a problem or not?)

Also review discord bridge including login w/ discord

Then review and implement feedback from summer into proposal or just straight into voting blocks for rulebook.


get the announcing team together; get generals for spreading workload during the finals
level rotation for simple g_nextlevle

promote the round robin for other teams; (cbill only limit, drop commander with mercs focus?)

get videos up to date; including editing 3v3 both camera angles

Get Capellans ready to battle with processed turns and dead stuff by Friday for a Sunday battle.

Battelog updated. Slowly working on dead assets and starmap.
Crap Walk? Sounds like a good mech variant nick name.
I need to distribute the rcon access and let people know about it. Many of the moderators do not know they have it. It helps cover gaps during events if somebody can take care of a map change, etc.

Just watched the stream (thanks for putting it up).

Current admins of Chaos server are Proxema, Phylex, duelist. Just added Invictus. I am reviewing settings to enable at least map change access to more people.

Finish forum setup.

Set normal schedule ? when resume 25 August, 31 August? Sept 1?
Get FWL , Caps up to speed and up to date. Then back to back to back Caps.
Stone/Blakists then up to date and back to back to back.

SImple. Get Capellans up to date in the next hour. Play their next turns back back back next 2 weeks or so.

Capellans are up to date. FWL, Stone, Blakists are not.

Need to get the starmap up to date.

Chaos starting now! Now!

FWL up to date. Caps up to date. Battlelog updated. FWL assets transferred around. Videos and the launch. Info provided to compare if drop calc is out of date for 11.2. Will need to make changes later on.