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About the Jobs category (1)
Job: Add Map Image Links to Drop Calc (1)
Job: Update Drop Calc to New Verision, Check for Asset Mistakes (5)
Job: Screenshots of all Chaos Maps w/ Grid Lines (11)
Job: 95 BV Update (1)
Done! Artwork: Website banner, medium logo, small logo (4)
Top Priority: Need New Chaos March Starmap File Enclosed (3)
Order Form Broken past Turn 50 Need Fix (1)
Job: Assigning Planet Statistics BV, Ton, Max Assets (3)
Notes: Mercs Refresh Turn 51 Reduce Mercs below 30 for Auto Calc (2)
Drop Calc Auto Hide Duplicate Available Assets (1)
Chaos March 2018 Proposal Feedback Thread (8)
Order Form Formula Fix Needed (1)
Spreadsheets: 0.91/0.92 Asset Updates, Maintenance, Feature Add (6)
Drop Calculator: Update tonnages in planets tab (3)
Update Map LIst in Drop Calculator (3)
Drop Calc Lookup Planet Autofill Information (1)
Update Rulebook BV Mod for Base 10 from Old Base 5 (2)
Order Forms Specify What Points were spent on (2)